Chicken Sandwich Wars


Tim Sanchez (12th), Reporter

It’s an all out war of chicken sandwiches between two restaurants Popeyes and Chick Fil-A. Chick Fil-A originally had the chicken sandwiches and they were well admired by the customers who ate there. Popeyes added a new special to their menu when they put forth the idea of chicken sandwich also. 

This competition between these two eateries has been chaos as Popeyes within the time the chicken sandwich has been added to the menu has sold massive numbers of the product. Employees at both establishments expressed their true feelings towards the product. 

Popeyes workers were ecstatic that the chicken sandwich was a best selling product at first, but grew disillusioned as the product started to become widespread causing long drive thru and inside lines. Chick Fil-A continued to sell their chicken sandwich but Popeyes’ sandwich numbers were climbing the ranks to surpass theirs. 

Selling an estimated 1,000 dollars of chicken sandwiches a day. The message was clear, chicken draws people in by the thousands.

Chicken sandwich hasn’t been the only attraction towards Popeyes, but also the letters on their signs have proven that there is truly competitiveness between the two restaurants. In Houston, TX there were signs on both restaurants that were apparently trolling each other. 

The Chick Fil-A sign read “FYI we don’t run out of chicken sandwiches,” which was criticizing Popeyes for their fast sales of the sandwiches. Popeyes’ sign read “FYI people need to eat on Sundays,” pointing out that Chick Fil-A is closed on Sunday. 

Even though the chicken sandwich has been sold out recently, People still wait in line for the product.

 The war became volatile when people started getting violent about the sandwich. People have sued the restaurant over loss of the sandwiches. A man reportedly attempted to enter a drive thru after he was enraged about the sold out sandwich. 

There have also been reports that a man pointed a gun at a cashier because the establishment ran out of sandwiches. 

Chick Fil-A has seen interesting sales of the sandwich. They have also expressed their criticism to prove that their sandwich is superior. Nationwide, multiple Popeyes restaurants have told their customers that their product is sold out. 

The sandwiches made an enormous impact on both of the chicken businesses. Popeyes employees have not had a good reaction. Some of the employees have spoken out about the product. This might be one of the greatest promotions that Popeyes has ever adopted to their menu. Chick Fil-A is the top chicken chain in the US, but Popeyes has earned more followers on social media.

 In 2018 before the war ever commenced, Chick Fil-A saw a bigger set of sales with an estimated 5 million. Meanwhile Popeyes raked in 1.5 million. War is more than what went on between these two eateries but if it was just a war than this was a stalemate.