Fear Of Graduating


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Large group of happy college students celebrating their graduation day outdoors while throwing their caps up in the air.

Adrienne Navarette, Reporter


 Wow. I still cannot believe it is our last year! And trust me I am excited as you guys to blow this popsicle stand but it’s so nerve wrecking! A system that we have been used to our whole lives are coming to an end, I still remember our first round up!


Starting off at a new school  really gave me a stomach full of mixed emotions, but I enjoyed every second of the way up to now! Even if you are a bitter sweet person about high school you’ll enjoy highschool.


Graduating high school can be a drastic shift in your life depending on what your plans are after high school. There have been only a few seniors who have said they would miss high school. As I have heard from the majority of the seniors this year, many are eager to graduate and leave this school.


 Some would even like this year to go by faster than it already is and I can respect that. Students here probably did not have the best experience due to how society is nowadays. A female senior named Carla Huizar gave her opinion on the topic.


 “ I’m a little scared to graduate because what if I don’t pass my SATs? I am not put under any pressure. I am over everything and excited to get out of here!”


Being here for nearly four years can definitely make you want to get out of here, not that Pitman is a bad high school, it is great! Wonderful people, and wonderful staff, but  believe we, the class of twenty-twenty, are just excited to really start our lives beyond highschool.


We always hear about graduation and how people go to college, we have watched movies about it since we were young but instead of a simple movie or story, we will be living it. It will be our turn to share those stories. 


From my perspective it is scary, we have this one year to get all of our required grades. No summer school or any second chances. I mean it is possible to get your diploma if you do not meet the standards by a certain date but  you will not be given the opportunity to walk the stage with your class. It is very scary to think about, and I personally only have two required classes that need to be passed, but I’m still nervous. 


School has just started and I already feel overwhelmed with homework but I believe we will all be alright!


 If there is anything I can say to the seniors in my class, it would be just to try your best. I know it can be hard because we get so caught up in things outside of our studies but it will be worth it! Study hard! Work harder than you ever have before! Don’t worry about what anyone has to say. Just do what you have to do!


      We are all capable of the same things. Good luck to my fellow seniors. I hope each and everyone of you enjoy your last year!