Freshmen ASB Elections


Luis Hernandez (9th), Reporter


This year many people have ran for different positions like President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary and Mascot. The ASB (Associated Student Body)  raises school spirit during rallies and even at lunchtime. They also try and raise group involvement in activities. 

Every position does something different and they each have their own purposes. The president is one of the most important jobs! Their job is to be the face of the ASB,  taking jobs that no other student will take, be active in the class and most importantly be honest with them self and others. They also host meetings with the other positions to talk about the school and what needs to happen in order to change what needs to be changed. They also have to be a leader and show others respect and be an example for others to follow.

The Vice President is supposed to be the backbone of the ASB he or she supports the president and they must be around when the president is not, secretary takes notes during official meetings. If either the president or the vice president is not present at the meetings he or she must host the meeting. Treasurer is maybe the most important job for clubs and other activities, they manage how much money goes to what club and the treasurer gets requests from clubs. The mascot wears the mascot outfit and goes to football games and rallies, the goal for the mascot is to spread positivity. 

Social Media is responsible for what is put online, the job requires strong computer and video editing skills, marketing trends, photo journaling and editing.

Analesia Contreras told us why she ran and what her position does, ̈The position I am running for is secretary and they write and report info that’s going on during the meeting and give it to the advisor.¨

¨I want to be a politician when I grow up and I thought this would be a good learning experience and a good first step.¨

Alex Medina also told us why he ran and what their position does, ̈ I am a photographer and very passionate about social media and photography.¨

̈ The position Social Media takes pictures of certain events and edits on the computer ̈ 

ASB (Associated Student Body) is very important to our school and school spirit. ASB is the backbone to our school they make sure everything is running smoothly, without ASB we wouldn’t  have rallies and clubs, we also wouldn’t be able to be the school community we are today. 

Congratulations to Dylan Freeman for winning President, Mimi Olthof for winning Vice President, Analesia Contreras for winning Secretary, Alice Stressman for winning Treasurer, Alex Medina for winning Social Media, and Eric Osornio for winning mascot. Work hard to make our school a better place!