Is Overthinking Bad?


Zach Barker (11th), Reporter

The question, is overthinking bad? It makes you think, doesn’t it. Me too, I overthink overthinking. I find it very interesting, this topic. It has always made me curious that if the thing I have done my whole life a good or bad thing. 


I’ve tried finding answers to this because I wonder if everything going on in my head is good. I have read many articles about this topic, about the pros and cons of thinking too much. There are some things on both sides, so I will give you my opinion after I tell you a little bit about what the professionals think.


Overthinking has pros and some of them are; thinking too much is having the process of delaying action making, the brain thinks many different ways that the next situation will turn out based off of what we have seen in the past or what we expect will happen. Which this creates a battle in your head so that you set aside all of the good and bad to see which choice would be the best. So having this happen is good because it will stop anything bad from happening so the outcome will be better than it would be if you just did it as soon as you have the idea and are being instantaneous. Overthinking also causes you to think more about the people that around surrounding you. Making sure that your choice will not hurt them or anybody you don’t want affected. This system of overthinking makes you reflect on yourself and your actions and will hopefully cause you to become a better person after everything you go through. You will learn very effectively what is good and what is bad. 


So yes, these things sound like a good thing, but overall there are more negatives of overthinking than positives.


 Overthinking can cause you to never live out moments and will often lead to living in regret. You can be filled with doubt and think that whatever is happening is not a good thing and will make the experience not as enjoyable. It will make you less of a leader and will make you just follow what everybody else is doing. This takes out the special part of your mind where you are creative and where all the thoughts and great things are coming from. Many psychological problems can come from overthinking like depression and anxiety. Overthinking can give you many ideas in your head. These can all be great ideas, but you will never pursue because you are afraid of things that will happen. Overthinking will never allow you to implement all these ideas into your life. 


So me being an overthinker, it opens my eyes personally about what everything I think, does to me. It does change you a lot and I do understand all of these psychological things that can come from overthinking because it is very tiring and does create like this pit you are digging for yourself because you’ll never truly live being like this. 


Thinking a lot does make you have lots of things going on in your mind and lots of great things, but I believe if you are an overthinker such as myself that you should take a step back sometimes and clear your mind of all your thoughts. Making this a healthier thing to do. 


My final take away from learning all of this is that thinking is the best thing we are gifted in our lives, it will always impact our life and decisions and make us a person we want to be, but like with everything else, overthink only to a certain extent. Make sure you are mentally healthy and that nothing negative comes from this. “Don’t think too much, you’ll think your life away. Just stop, close your eyes, and follow your heart. I guarantee you, it knows the way.” -Anonymous