Music on the Mind


Zach Barker (11th), Reporter

Music is and always will be in our lives, one way or another. Music is in every culture, it will be there in all types of situations to be provided as a source of entertainment, something to chill to, or even just something to dance to. Everybody enjoys the different sounds and messages music has to offer. And you can now listen to any type of music, anytime. Just at the touch of a button you can have any genre playing in your ears.


There are many genres of music you can listen to. There is electronic/dance, rock, jazz, dubstep, blues, country, hip-hop, r&b, rap, and more. These genres all affect certain parts of the mind and will always make you feel a certain way. Such as classical music, which can help with the production of dopamine, learning, and your memory. Rap can make you feel motivated. Heavy metal can make you feel like you know yourself better. Pop and rock can make you better in any physical performance like sports. And jazz, it can make you feel relaxed and calm you down. 


Music can also be used when it comes to health. Music surprisingly can help with brain damage, depression or mental illness, and people with Alzheimer’s disease. The music can bring back memories that were associated with parts of their past. It can help them reflect back to their childhood, their teen years, and their adult years. Play the music and they will have memories flow back into their heads. This effect lasts even after it is turned off. An article posted by the University of Central Florida says,” If you play someone’s favorite music, different parts of the brain light up.” Music can also help people with depression, you can have them listen to different types of music that target the amygdala which is there emotional reaction to certain events. 


An anonymous student had this to say about his thoughts on music, “Music makes me happy and helps me forget about the stress going on in my life.” This is another example from a person that just shows the effect music has on people, it helps them not feel alone and just helps them forget anything bad going on and turns it into something positive. Music will always be a big part of culture and the lives of people for as long as we breathe. Music changes how people feel, it can even change how people’s rhythm in movement and breathing like if you were running. Listening to upbeat music while doing this activity can actually be a benefit.


Lastly, just hope you possibly took something away from this, music is a big part of my life personally, it helps me forget every stress and helps through rough times or even just boosts those good time when you’re having fun. I believe music is very important and every person should be exposed to many types of music, it will be very beneficial. If you have time, maybe just put on some songs close your eyes and just think. Music will change your life.