Emily Ascencio (12th), Reporter

Nostalgia. It seems to be a word that’s used a lot these days thanks to certain recurring trends in 2019. I’m sure you all know what it means, but let me refresh your minds just in case. Nostalgia is pretty much the emotion you feel when you reminisce over happy or sentimental memories from the past. It could be something from your childhood, it could be a memory about a person or something you used to do in the past. Any pleasant memory you’ve ever had could give you that warm nostalgic feeling. 

Think back to your childhood. What do most people remember? Most people remember the games they played or the movies and shows they watched. 

Senior Julianna Cole mentioned a few of her childhood favorite movies and shows. “I watched Spongebob, Dora – I liked Finding Nemo a lot. I liked all of the Disney princess movies. I watched all of those.” 

It’s so easy for a company to make money without even trying anymore. It almost seems like they’ve lost all their creative juices. I believe that companies aren’t bold enough to risk their budget on an original film or show. They don’t want to risk all their money on film that MIGHT do well. They want to feel assured.  

For example, companies like Disney and Nickelodeon don’t release as much original content anymore. They take their most popular movies and shows and turn them into live actions, spinoffs, reboots, sequels, anything that is remotely associated with their popular content. Why? Because they know it will make money. 

Take Disney for example, all they’ve released over the past few years are live actions of their movies. Why? Because they already know that people will go watch it. People want to see something from their childhood brought back to the big screen. They want to see their favorite actors play their favorite characters.

Emma Watson played Belle in Beauty and the Beast, Will Smith played the Genie in Aladdin, Angelina Jolie played Maleficent in their live-action to Sleeping Beauty, and now everyone is just waiting to see the next live actions, Mulan and The Little Mermaid.

Nickelodeon has recently brought back a few of their 90’s cartoons by giving them movies. Netflix recently released an Invader Zim movie as well as a new Rocko’s Modern Life movie. The Nickelodeon channel is also bringing back classic 90’s TV shows like All That. These movies are mostly meant for all the adults who grew up in the ’90s, but it can also appeal to the kids of this generation as well. 

These companies are using what they already have to make more money. They already know their audience is willing to watch these movies, so why not go for these cash grab movies? It may be easier, but it’s not as bold. I believe that companies will start to lose their reputation if they continue on this path. Disney and Pixar are known for creating unique and original animated movies. If they get off course their standards could start to change. 

I know it sounds like I’m opposed to all these reboots and comebacks, whatever you want to call them, but I’m not. If anything I’m excited about some of these. Avatar: The Last Airbender is coming back in 2020. I’ve been waiting for an entire childhood for this to come back, but I don’t think companies should depend on these comebacks as well. 


Writers should put in more thought and originality into their films. It would give them a better reputation and it would give audiences something new and fresh to look forward to in this next upcoming year.