Sky: Children of the Light


Olivia Gonzalez (9th), Reporter

On July 18th of this year, a mobile game that was developed by Thatgamecompany called  “Sky: Children of the Light” appeared in the App Store.


 To be brief, the player journeys on out with some trusty companions as everyone embarks and explores extraordinary lands, collect light, and free the lost spirits of their ancestors known as the “fallen stars.” 


It is an indie/adventure game that contains remarkable scenery and adorable children that anyone can play as. A perfect time killer when in need of entertainment or a stress reliever when someone is teeming with unease when having piles of homework at the end of a busy week. 

The game is similar to  “Journey” and as well as ̈Flower ̈. With 4.9 stars it is difficult not to pass by the game and contemplate whether or not to play it.  With ultra-smooth visuals, terrific character designs and a glorious soundtrack, what is not to adore about the game?

The majority of the reviews and feedback given to the game are positive, one of the reviews from an individual known as ̈Games.CZ ̈ has stated that Sky was “innovative, magical, boasting and a unique multiplayer stream to make us courteous and it is simply incomparable to any other mobile game.” That is a pretty effective opinion. The reviews tell a lot about how the game is and persuades others to have a go at it. 


The story is pleasing and very calming. Although, despite being a wonderful game, it truly does have an unexpected side. When there is light, there is darkness, the game is like reality. Not everything revolves around rainbows and sunshine. Having to refrain from deep or shallow waters and being too near any of the sights of the hostile creature it does become a competitive task.
Are there any downsides to this seemingly flawless game? Well, there is, actually. The main issue that is strongly despised is the controls. There are plenty of other videos, PC and mobile games that have a common problem. 


Now take it from me, as a person that has played the game, I could say that the project is beautifully composed and works like a charm, but I must say that the controls when setting off to fly are not the greatest. Don’t all games have their tacky ways sometimes?

Here is a recap on the story before anyone wanders off clueless on what is exactly going on. The player “the protagonist” is created from a star and is set off to complete multiple tasks: take back the world that was trapped in the clutches of darkness. 


They are able to obtain friendships and glide through ever-changing kingdoms throughout their unforgettable adventure. Supposedly there is a moral to the story and all, yes? Well, it is all based on the player’s view.


 There are various messages that someone can receive by playing Sky aka Sky: Children of the Light*. The art and surroundings in the game ease your tension and settle your mind. It is a game that could be used as a stress reliever at times of feeling negative emotions.

Sky displays the true art of friendship and the infinite ties that the player shares with others. Friends are always needed in the game since the player will never expect when they will come in handy, especially in dire times of need. I can not express how extraordinary and original Sky made my adventure and what awaited me.