Staying Kind In Society

Adrienne Navarette (12th), Reporter

Hello! I hope you all are having a great day! I wanted to write about a topic that has been dancing around my thoughts for a while and that is the simplicity of kindness. 


I find it incredibly odd that people are more used to rude behavior now more than happy behavior (Myself included). As I walk around this school with my friends, I see so much negativity coming from students. Their way of talking, their choice of comments and students sense of humor. Everyone is entitled to how they choose to act, I just believe it crosses a line when students decide to put negativity on others for no reason.


Society has made depression and bad behavior the new 2019 trend and that is not okay. Who said you had to be rude to be cool? Or who said you have to be sad in order to get the acceptance and attention you want? It is important to be kind to everyone, Kindness does a lot for you besides helping you make friends. I believe it matures you. As I said before you should be kind to all, including people you may not like or people who haven’t been the nicest to you.


In a way, Kindness and positivity helps you let go of negative feelings in your life and helps you progress as a person. People who are happy and positive are rare nowadays. You can’t even give someone a compliment or smile without being given the impression your weird. 


A  Senior male student Alexander Baltazar states, “Yeah, it’s good to be kind to everyone because you don’t know what that person is going through. People more less don’t have morality for themselves nowadays.”


  We need more positive people in this world! Don’t let the things that hurt you in the past keep you from becoming a beautiful and warm hearted person


I know life is difficult, we all go through situations that form our personalities against our better judgment but we have a choice everyday about who we are going to be. I was not always happy as I am now. 


I was kind to everyone but my positivity came from a nonexistent place. I had good intentions but I was only saying positive words for others when in my heart I didn’t feel anything, but thankful to God, my mentality has changed and now I am this joyful person writing to you all now!


Though, I believe everyone goes through that stage growing up, where we do not feel as good about ourselves or we don’t care about anyone or anything; it could be because of a great tragedy or just aspects of your life that are great at the moment, trust me when I say things get better!


If I can give any advice it’s just to press forward. Press for better, push yourself for a better attitude and a bigger heart! I know it is much easier said than done.. However if you are really passionate about changing, it will happen! Don’t lose hope!