The new gate aka (Prison System) Tim Sanchez (12th)

The new gate aka (Prison System) Tim Sanchez (12th)

Tim Sanchez (12th), Editor In Chief

Over the summer Pitman High has taken security protocols more serious. The faculty has spent money to bring the gated system to Pitman. Pitman High is aware of school shootings and serious threats that have occurred at previous schools. Pitman has also informed the parents about the gated system. 

Gates have been placed all around the campus. In places such as the front office, the B building parking lot and also the football field parking lot as well as other places. While there are students who consider this a safety procedure, many students have expressed their opinion about the system which they call prison. 

Turlock Unified School District (TUSD) has been observing the supposed threats that have attracted attention. Many drills and procedures have been enacted but many strangers have found ways to enter the school. 

The gate system was built for that reason among others. The gates are also placed in the front of the school. They are open during school hours and if anyone wants to enter they must enter through the front. This gives the office the ability to check in with whoever is attempting to visit. 

The gates on the side and back of the school are locked during school hours. They are open in the morning at the hours of A period through 7:55. Some students also assume that this measure is a bane on Pitman. 

Before the gates system students at Pitman had been able to go towards their cars. This measure has declined that opportunity for a majority of students. The gates are also places in the grass where the baseball field is located. In Pitman  privileges that students used to have are being revoked because of the gated system.  

Pitman High School’s security techniques have included a police officer, campus supervisor, the dean of students as well as the principals´. At lunch those selected are obliged to observe the activity of hundreds of students on the campus. Security protocols are increasing with this next phase in Pitman’s agenda. 

The school staff have also included cameras and a new fire alarm. The school has also had more fire alarm emergencies because of the fire alarm. 

This might also tie in with the gated system being that both share a common similarity. The gates were also placed in the sports and gym parking lot located in the back of the school. 

Originally there was a yellow barrier that was placed there to prevent cars from entering the school. The gates to some have caused safety to most. To others this is just a peculiar way of dealing with the problems that Pitman will possibly have. Pitman has made itself more secluded to any supposed threats that they may endure. 

Pitman has made some changes to ensure that for future years this school would be well protected and that everyone is kept in the school and not outside of it. This system might not be a logical solution, but for the time that it’s been here it hasn’t been that much of a problem from this point.