Why Mental Health Is Important.

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Why Mental Health Is Important.

Sara Mendes (12th), Reporter

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Mental health, one of the biggest and most sensitive topics we can discuss today in 2019. It’s something we need to make sure that it is always okay. Mental health is one of the most important things that a person can keep in check no matter what. Your mental health is just as important as drinking water and eating food. Over my three years of high school, I’ve gotten better about keeping mine in check with some simple steps and they’ve really helped.

You might be asking, what exactly is mental health? Mental health is a person’s condition with regard to their psychological and emotional well-being. It also helps determine how we handle stress and other significant events in our life. Mental health also affects mood, thinking, and behavior in a human. This might be why people with bad mental health might be in bad moods or exhibiting bad behavior. 


 You always have to ask yourself if you’re okay. It’s always important to be okay, but it’s also okay to not be alright sometimes and I think we all need to learn that. I’ll be honest, my whole junior year I wasn’t okay, but over the summer, I made it a goal to be happy a lot more and make sure that I was okay. I know it can take a lot. It takes a lot of energy and in my opinion, time. 


If you get into super bad depressive episodes, those take a lot of energy out of you. Clinical depression, Anxiety disorder, and bipolar disorder are just a few of the most common mental health issues affecting many people today. They can be treated with medication or more you time if that makes sense. Some ways to help are having a more positive mindset with things or even opening up to someone about what’s going on. 


Alyssa Robinson, a senior here at Pitman High decided to share her tips on what helps her mental health and even came out and said how hers was. 


“I feel like my mental health is okay, but I could always work on it” 

I feel like everyone’s could be better, but some people don’t know what helps them.

“ I find time to myself and tend to always stay clear from any negativity or drama”

It’s a great tip she has here. If you can always stay away from drama. It’s really going to get you nowhere in life and it’s unnecessary. 


“My biggest tip I can give everyone is always staying positive. It’ll help you so much in the long run of things”. 

Alyssa is absolutely right. Always having a positive mindset will get you many places and in general, you’ll just be happier. 


In conclusion, whether you’re just starting high school or you’re in your last year like I am, stay positive, have a good mindset. If things are getting rough, talk to someone. Lots of staff, teachers and even students are willing to help in any possible way we can. You’re loved. Stay strong!!