Finding Your Purpose

Finding Your Purpose

Zach Barker (11th), reporter

A survey was done by Youth Truth, a national nonprofit that gathers useful information on students so they can help benefit schools K-12. They gathered information and something they got was that only 45% of students feel prepared about their college and career readiness. That means 55% of students are not prepared for what they want to do, and it means that many students may just go into the world having no idea what their purpose may be. 

Many students go through school just taking in all of the information school gives to them. Not questioning really any of it but just learning, you can say. Learning all the things school thinks will prepare you. If that’s the case why is it that a big percent of students have no idea what they want their future to hold. Many kids aren’t exposed to what the real world is going to be like, everyone just tells you that someday all the things you learned will be applied in some way, but what are those ways. What are the things we are learning going to help our future. Students can become very lost, and that can really affect the way they may look at life. They can lose hope and become lost in this life of being unsure on every decision.

So I believe that somehow we need to implement a way for students to be exposed to the real world and be able to find things they may be interested in and that they have many many options. They just aren’t aware of all of the opportunities. Something we need as students is a way to explore the real world while in school, and be able to learn and choose classes based off of what we want for our future. Exploring the options in the world will help better our future and in the end benefit our overall life’s decision. 

Every person has a purpose. You may believe in something (like a God) that set you here for some move towards the greater good. You may also think that somehow you are just here to prove something to yourself, or to prove something to your parents. There is some reason everyone of us is here no matter what you believe.  

Some people may choose to do something because it was a job and they couldn’t do anything else, there may be many different situations of which you may have just gone with something because you had self doubt for the dream you wanted to pursue, or maybe you did end up with what you wanted to do… For which ever situation you are in, do something that will benefit yourself and make you happy. Your purpose is to fulfill your own life, and to live doing something that you genuinely like doing. Living in a job or life you hate is no way to live, do something that actually makes you feel fulfilled and happy at the end of the day. 

So maybe you’re a student reading this or you’re an adult spending your time listening to what I have to say, and you can take this whichever way you like, but at the end of life many people are lying there in regret, and not because of the things they did, but more because the things they didn’t do. They may have not pursued that dream that always kept them up at night, or maybe the job they wanted they never got, so something they may tell you is to just follow your dreams, it probably sounds cheesy, but it is probably the best advice any person can receive.

 And it is also never too late to attempt that dream, find support from those around you, find support from people that will further benefit your life, find someone that will push you to be the best version of yourself, and never lose your vision of how you see life. You don’t want to be like many people and finish your life in regret, all I can really tell you is to do that thing that you have always dreamed to do. Just find your purpose, and follow it to the end of the road. 

Someone once said,” Follow the train, for the train will travel a great distance over the elegant plains, and by the calming sea, you will go over many mountains and through many tunnels, where you may lose sight or be left in the dark for a long time, but when you lose sight or are in the dark, there is always light.”