Mobile Games


Luis Hernandez (9th), Reporter

This month mobile video games have been receiving some good releases. The mobile gaming community isn’t taken as serious as the others. The games that have been releasing is more for a car trip or for lunch at school. Some examples are the highly anticipated Mario Kart which released September 26 and the other is Call of Duty which was under everyone’s radar

Mario Kart all though is fun it gets boring after a while because you are always waiting for the new cups or some get bored of the game all together. Multiplayer is rumored to come out in the next few updates, when it does come out most people will be playing against their friends.

Edward Rodriguez gave us his opinion on the game, “ I mostly play Mario Kart, I play it because it brings back memories for the 3DS and the Wii.”

Mario Kart is not at all hard to play, but you can make it challenging with the different control options they allow you to select, first is the standard mode which is easier for new players, the other mode is called Manual Drift where if you try to steer you are put into a drifting animation, in the  game they can differ and change the outcome of the game. The game also has a point system where different tracks offer a boost with different characters, karts and even gliders!

Edward told us some flaws with the game play, “ The game play is kind of bad because you can’t go backwards, on the 3DS you can.”

The other game that not many people know about is Call Of Duty Mobile. Call of Duty is a really big franchise on the consoles and other platforms but no one expected it to get a mobile adaptation. Call of Duty mobile is a fun game to play at school or even at home, you can play with friends and even 1v1 each other in it.

Call of Duty mobile’s mechanics are very odd and will take some time getting used to. You can either play on the normal settings where if you aim in and find an opponent it shoots the gun for you or you can play advanced, most people like playing on this mode due to it being “easier” and more natural, when using the advanced mode you have to press the shoot button and then you aim in and the gun shoots it self, all you have to do is aim and move around the camera to hit your opponent.

Edward gave us his opinions, “Call of Duty is fun with friends. The game is harder than real Call of Duty, they should also add more stuff like a campaign.”

This month there has been some good mobile games. You can play with friends and even with other people around the world. Even though mobile games aren’t as good as console games and PC games,they can still provide a lot of entertainment and fun with your friends!