Nintendo Switch Lite: The Nintendo Switch’s Younger Brother

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Nintendo Switch Lite: The Nintendo Switch’s Younger Brother

Majed Ammari (11th), Reporter

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The Nintendo Switch, released in early 2017, was a big hit with Nintendo fans and a huge success for Ninetndo. The console balances both a singleplayer and multiplayer experience while delivering a portable form factor. Its versatility and ease of use, along with the wide array of available games, made the Nintendo Switch an appealing product for many people.


Nintendo has always perfected the handheld console. Handheld consoles deliver a portable, on-the-go experience that other conventional video game consoles couldn’t. Nintendo’s previous successful handheld, the Nintendo DS line of products, delivered a dual-screen experience, a touchscreen, a stylus, and clamshell design (excluding the 2DS). With each iteration bringing new features such as a front facing camera (DSi), a larger size (DSi XL), and even 3D capabilities (3DS & 3DS XL).


With technology becoming so advanced, many companies have considered dialing down and cutting back features to achieve a lower price point. This can be seen with companies like Apple, Samsung, and now Nintendo (products like the iPhone Xr and 11, Galaxy s10e, and Nintendo Switch Lite). This new price point brings hope for Nintendo to increase sales of the Nintendo Switch line of products.


So what did Nintendo decide to cut back? Probably one of the most defining features of the Nintendo Switch Lite, its portability, has now been replaced by a handheld only experience. It can no longer connect to a TV and you can no longer remove the Joycons to play with friends on the go.


The Joycons are now permanently attached to the main body of the console. The screen is also a bit smaller decreasing from a 6.2 inch LCD display to a 5.5 inch LCD display. The Switch Lite also comes in fun new colors such as: yellow, turquoise, and gray. The bezel of the Switch Lite is now matches the same color as the main body


What do Pitman’s consumers make of these changes? 


Anelise, a Nintendo consumer and  junior at Pitman, says, “The Nintendo Switch Lite is meant for people who don’t plan on doing more intense gaming but still have a budget”. 


She thinks that the Switch Lite will be a good product and thinks it’s tailored to incorporate the design trends of older consoles (Such as the 2DS and the 2DSXL). 


She also commented, “I think that it’s a good idea for those who want a less pricey alternative”. 


The Switch Lite is priced $100 lower than its predecessor but still supports all of the games that the regular Switch has to offer. 


So was this the right move for Nintendo as a company? Many speculate that this product will be even more successful due to the popularity of more affordable tech products. Other tech companies that offer alternative products at a lower price points often find it that this new product outsells the old one. Some examples of this include Tesla’s Model 3 (which was an alternative to the Model S and ended up being the top selling sedan of 2019) and Apple’s iPhone Xr (which was an alternative to the iPhone Xs and ended up being the top selling smartphone of 2019).

In conclusion, today’s consumer technology is at a point where we don’t need new innovations or features, but instead, a more affordable price point for consumers that don’t necessarily need the best of the best.