Reading Body Language


Zach Barker (11th), Reporter


No matter what language you speak people can always know how you feel while being asked questions or in conversation. You are expressing how you feel no matter what, through a non-verbal language. 


Body language will show the small things and how you feel in any situation. I feel that body language can be very beneficial, when going through life you can understand more things without having to question your decision. 


The mind has everything to do with what is displayed on your face, through your actions, and even from the sound of your voice.


 A former FBI agent, Joe Navarro, said,” Non-verbals are anything that communicates but is not a word.” Non-verbals are the things that are shown as an outcome of the brain working to showcase the things you are feeling. 


The first thing is a non-verbal which is crossing your arms, people believe that it is something to block something out, but this action is actually known as “self-soothing”. This action normally occurs when in situations where you can be alone or uncomfortable not sure what to do with yourself you cross your arms as almost a “self-hug” to make yourself feel more comfortable. There are other things people do to self sooth and that is touching their face, or rubbing their chin, or touching their ear.


Another thing that is displayed through our physical appearances is when we process information. We are told something and are attentively listening we tend to look around and take everything in.  The eyes can do this when processing information or thinking, but the eyes does this when you are not engaged and when you can say to be “bored”. For doing this you are giving yourself something to do, looking around lets you see things and just gives you something to think about. 


The forehead is also is a thing where you can really look into a person and their life. On the head you can see stress someone has been through. You can also look at the eyes of a person and if you look at the sides of the eyes you can see if the person has had good sleep, and many things can be shown through not having enough sleep, like at home problems or things that are negative stresses that make you stay awake longer at night. 


The legs and feet can also show quite a bit. The legs if the person is rubbing down their legs they are making themselves more comfortable in the situation that they are in. It is also another self soothing action people often do. The feet also can show what are person is feeling in a conversation, if you ask them something and they feel like that question is too personal or is just not a good question the person may cross their feet. 


There are many things things displayed in everyday life based off of how people are feeling. The actions we do will always show and some people may not pick up on them, but they’re always there.


 We can use the tips of body language as a tool to persuade people to tell you things. Body language will always be there and will always be in our lives, so why not use it to understand more about the people around us.