Saving Money

Nayeli Vasquez-Valdizon (10th), Reporter

If you’re that type of person who enjoys spending money and ends up broke well I got a solution on how to be more careful with money. Not all of us are experts at saving money, many of us like to go out  often or spend money on food all the time. Well if you are that person I’m here to help you with tips and facts on how to save up. 


Why is saving money important? Saving money can be quite difficult for some of us,well imagine you have an emergency and in the moment you need cash, think about that. Needing extra emergency cash is important because it can save you from emergencies. Money can also be very usable for example, you forgot to pay a class in school and you don’t have any money but you have the extra saved money. Saving can also help you have more control in life, because you’ll know how to control spending money and save. 

When students become aware of their finances,they will think about successful ways to save for their future.For example, you can save your tax refund checks and use that money to pay student loans. 


How can you save money? There’s tons of ways on how you can save it, a very common way is using a piggy bank,piggy banks are great for saving coins and dollars. Bank accounts are also a great way to start off by saving, it’s also a way to start being responsible. Before going grocery shopping, a shopping list can keep control on how much you’re going to spend. Inviting friends over instead of going out will save you tons,there’s many free activities you can do with friends.Instead of throwing away old clothes like jeans with a hole or a shirt with a missing button,then replace the missing button with some closely-matched thread. Don’t throw away your jeans with a hole, instead place a patch over it or sew it. 



Whats the amount of money you should save, in every 10 save at least $4. If you have a 20 then $8 should be saved. Doing goals like that should help you train while saving, if you don’t waste as much money then you’re always welcome to save more and keep less. An Anonymous student said “Saving is important for future needs or any future emergencies’’.  


Now wrapping up this article, I hope this was helpful thank you for reading.