Senioritis from the Class of 2020

Senioritis from the Class of 2020

Adrienne Navarette (12th), Reporter


I myself have only heard the word senioritis once and it was written on a board in a classroom. I never gave much thought to the topic because going into senior year I  thought, it would not be as hard as the past three years here, but now that we are almost to the middle of the year, I can see difficulty progressing (at least compared to in my opinion ). 

Senioritis is basically a “ sickness” that seniors get, causing them to procrastinate more than usual, giving very little effort to work when given and dreading the thought of school work. In other words known as laziness… Don’t take this the wrong way seniors! I know everyone works hard. Personally, I am starting to feel overwhelmed to where I don’t want to do anything at school either!

There are all types of reasons people wind up with senioritis and that could be pressure. It’s a seniors final year! It can be exciting but nerve wracking! They have one year to get those last grades in which (depending on what a person plans on doing after school) determines their future. They have to be on top of their game in order to get where they need to be. Not to mention the new advancements this year…

For example, in twelfth grade English, since the beginning of this year we have started a new segment called ERWC. It is a new form of English, more advanced and it is a college prep class. It is very difficult in my opinion because it is not something I am used to and I know if I am feeling this, others have to as well. Who knows what other new courses will be added to students schedule the upcoming years.

Seniors can develop Senioritis because it is just their last year. We have been in school so long, some of us are ready to just leave. Many do not see a point in giving much effort because it is their last year here! Commonly, in class we have enough to do, some work, some are applying for schools and some are still trying to figure out what it is they still want to do. 

Donielle Gonzalez A senior here at Pitman states: 

” No I have not developed senioritis because this year is honestly an easy year for me, so far, my senior year has not been stressful because I got my harder classes dealt with so that I would have an easy senior year, and I also already know what I want to do and where I want to go after high school. This year is really great so far.¨

“This year is probably the most stressful year because I know that if I mess up once the I don’t get to walk at the end of the year. In my opinion I don’t blame seniors for getting senioritis because they think it’s the last year and there are going to get a free ticket if they mess up but in the end they figure out the hard way they should have tried more, “ says Alyssa Robinson, another senior here at Pitman.

Marwa Ahemidi, a senior here at Pitman had a different outlook on the topic,“ No, I don’t think senior year is hard at all, because for me, I have some classes that are easy, nothing in all honesty is hard for me.

I am currently writing this while feeling a bit overwhelmed about school (senioritis) , it was very difficult for me to put this simple article together. Everyone’s outlook on their senior year is different but unique in its own way. I wrote this article to let my peers know it is okay to feel a bit overwhelmed this year and that they are not alone. I also wanted to possibly give a heads up to the lower class men, to show them what they will be experiencing in the not so distant future!

Whatever road block is in the way of you as a student getting good grades or doing your best , you can overcome it! Do your best! It’s your final year, so enjoy it. Good luck to all my fellow seniors!