The Importance of Clubs


Nayeli Vasquez-Valdizon (10th), Reporter


       Sometimes not all of us fit in at school but thats okay. Joining a club is an easy way to meet people that have the same interests as you. This is an easy way to make friends really fast when you can just talk about a topic you both enjoy. Since there’s a familiar connection you’ll be more comfortable to be yourself. 


 Joining a club is a great decision to make,especially if you’re planning on going to college. When it comes to college applications,admission boards like to see what students are interested inside and outside the classroom.What’s important is that you are committed to a group and how you helped them grow. 


Clubs are a great way to show your true character and to see yourself improve in what you like doing best,the skills that will help you benefit in school,you’re career and in life.For example,let’s say you’re in an art club and you enter an art contest. And one of the judges is connected for a scholarship. So you win the art contest for the best art and now you have a college scholarship. Opportunities like this happen all the time through clubs. 


Joining a club can help you socialize better and get you out of your comfort zone,Many students are really smart but they don’t have the courage to share out loud yet as they might feel judged. Joining a group full of people as the same interest can really help open up more to people. In a club you’ll have to share your opinions out loud. That way you’ll get used to sharing out loud in your regular classes. 


If you’re the type of person that find school boring and lose interest in coming to school,joining a club you enjoy is a way to make school more entertaining. You’ll walk into school excited for the day knowing that you have a club to attend to.


 Natalie Martinez stated that “joining clubs is another way to express who you are, She also added that joining a club is a great way to distract yourself in a healthy way.”


Being part of a club can also get you involved in school more which is a good thing because the school won’t be as boring since you’ll be occupied and involved. 


Being involved in clubs can keep you out of trouble,you’ll be more focused in school and getting in trouble would be out of your league. You’ll also find friends in your club who are good students and will help you make good choices.