The Third Annual Preview of Champions


and Stephon Spiegel (11th)

The Pitman High School Marching Pride conducted its first home hosted band review three years ago on Saturday, September the 30th, 2017. Ever since then Pitman High School has hosted this review annually, with its 3rd annual Preview of Champions being conducted on Saturday, September the 28th, 2019.

This band review (a competition that ranks a schools’ marching band, color guard, and/or drumline) is conducted at our John H. Pitman High School and the parade is held on Sandstone St. with a panel of judges who rank a marching bands sound, and marching capabilities. These 20 plus bands come from all over Northern and Central California to compete in the hopes of earning trophies at the award ceremony later in the day. The campus’ quad area is filled with the vending stands of food provided by the gracious sponsors of the band, such as Oak Barrel Creamery and Kona Ice, as well as the hard working band boosters.

My Freshman year was the very first Preview of Champions, as well as my very first band review. I remember the honor, nervousness, and pleasure I took in being part of such an event with it being two first for me. I was inspired by this feeling of nostalgia to interview and get the perspective of both my Junior class and the current Freshman class to get their insights.

I interviewed a close longtime friend of mine, Ethan Robinson, a fellow member of my Junior class.

Q: “How did you feel our Freshman year at the Preview of Champions?”

A: I felt a sense of pride that we got to host our own review and show off to the other schools.”

Q:”How would you say you feel about this years review compared to then?”

A:”I felt as if this review went good; good schools, good support from the community, and good marching weather.” 


Next I interviewed a member of the new blood in the Marching Pride, Freshman Sara Gonzales 

Q: “How did you feel about your first band review?” 

A:”I was kind of nervous at first, but then we started playing and it felt natural; I think our sound quality was good and felt that we were mostly in step.”

I then proceeded to interview two figures of authority in the band, our Drum Major Brandon Byers, and our director, Mr. Modesto. I first interviewed Brandon Byers.

Q: “How well do you think the Pitman Marching Pride did this year?” 

A:” As a band we did good, it’s a good first review, we did good for our first review. We have a lot of room for improvement, but good in general.”

Q:”How do you feel about how the review was conducted?”

A:” It was put on very well, all the bands came to compete very well, a big thanks to the band parents who helped. This year’s review was very good and the community and environment were positive.


I then asked Mr. Modesto about how well the review went and about any hopes for the future of Preview of Champions.

A: “ I feel like it went better than the first two, I would like to see more schools come in the future.”

Overall, the third annual Preview of Champions was conducted in a very friendly atmosphere and an organized, community involved manner. The review will only flourish in size and support through the rest of its years to come. I enjoyed this year’s review the most as it seemed to have gotten proper footing as a staple in the Turlock community, as well as a staple in the Pitman High Marching Band.