Varsity Volleyball for the Win


Kendra Delgado - Player of the Game

Last night – Monday, October 7th – the Pitman Varsity Girls Volleyball team played against Modesto High School.  In about an hour long game the Pride beat the Panthers in three matches: 29-27; 25-17; and 25-8.  Coach Kristen Pontes-Christian said, “All 12 players did their job on the court to end with the victory.”

With all the players working hard for the win one player stood out last night: Kendra Delgado.  She was awarded the team bead necklace – simply referred to as the beads.  Each game a player is chosen as the player of the game and gets to wear the beads until the next game is played.

Tomorrow the Pride Volleyball teams will play against Gregory High School in Modesto. Go and show your support; Roll Pride!