Who is GOD?

Adrienne Navaratte (12th), Reporter

Hello! As you read from the title, this article can be a bit of a sensitive topic. I just felt the need to write something like this. Now, before I go on, I just want to clarify my perspective is from a christian outlook. I am Apostolic and that is a form of Christianity.

 It is your choice to believe what you want. I simply am writing this article to those who are open to the topic or have an interest in this . This is for you guys! I do not hope to offend anyone in writing this, I just want to inform people of this generation about God and who he is. I think everyone deserves to know.

God. I’m sure most of you have used that word many times, possibly when your friends say something unbelievable or surprising.” Omg” and  in its theatrical form. 

In my perspective and religion, God is the one who made everything we have now. He created heaven and earth as well as us. Our families, ourselves, our friends, everyone. Anything you can think of on this earth he made in his image.

 He is (pertaining to my religion) our savior. He takes us out of the darkness of this world and into the light.The one who loves us when we feel like  no one else does. He is the one who is always there when we feel alone.

 As for mistakes, even when we do wrong and  think we are unforgivable, he loves us then! He is graceful with his people and  waits for everyone with open arms to seek him.

 There are not enough words in the world to describe how amazing he is.

People in the world have blackened his name. Saying that his church  will not accept you for you. That you have to be perfect enough or dress a certain way. 

At my church, I was taught to love everyone, and to come as you are. When I first started going to my current church, I was far from perfect. I am not the same person I am today. I talk different, I dress different. I think different. We as people have no right to judge others. It’s not our job, its God’s job. 

 I was nervous to write this article, I don’t think I have ever written something that I felt so  strongly about. Church is a big part of my life. As I grew closer to God, it wasn’t easy. People did not like the fact that I was changing. They preferred the old me. The old broken me.  I was given many negative comments, even from people close to me. It was hard but honestly it was worth it! I love the person I am today and soon will become and it’s all thanks to God. I really don’t know what I would do without him.

To wrap this up, I would like to thank all of you who read this. For having an open mind, I hope I helped enlighten some readers of mine as well. God bless you guys!