Disrespect Here on our Campus

Disrespect Here on our Campus

Sara Mendes (12th), Reporter

It’s an ongoing problem and I know everyone sees it. Nobody speaks up or does anything to solve the problem. We see it every day. Disrespectful kids on Pitman’s Campus. This hasn’t always been a problem though. It became a problem when all the new kids came in and no I’m not calling anyone out so don’t come for me, but we seriously need to do something about this. 


As a Senior here, I’ve seen a lot of disrespect on this campus for a while now. Kids have disrespected my friends and I for the stupidest reasons. I don’t understand why kids feel the need to be disrespectful to other people on the campus. My opinion is that they do this because they want to have a reputation of not putting up with anything, but in reality it’s making them seem like they are just a rude person which is never good. I feel like as you advance in grades, you should be nice to people no matter what because it’ll do you good in the long run of everything.


Zach Bell who is also a senior here at Pitman also has noticed the disrespect and gave his opinion on who is the most disrespectful here. 


“I notice most of the disrespect at Pitman, but I tend to not pay attention to it because it can get you in trouble.”


“I think the Freshman are the most disrespectful to their classmates and teachers as well.”


“Pitman High students have become more disrespectful because we have a so called, “I don’t care” type of attitude about anyone but ourselves.”

“I don’t know how we can fix the problem other than making it aware to kids that they need to learn to care more about others than just themselves.” 


I feel like Zach has a point with the Freshman being more disrespectful towards their teachers and other students because they do have that attitude where they don’t care for anyone else but themselves and if I could tell them something, I would say just be nicer to everyone because it’ll do you good in high school. I also feel as though we’re not the only students who see the disrespect because it does happen everyday on campus. 


I also got James Townsend’s opinion who is a sophomore here at Pitman and what he thought about the situation here on campus. 


“Yes I do notice the disrespect on campus and I don’t get involved with it.”


“I think it’s mainly the freshman and sophomores because I see the way they disrespect teachers and other students. It’s not right.”


“I think students are disrespectful because of the workload put on them and sometimes they feel like it’s too much so they slack off and get mad when there grades are going down, so they disrespect anyone”.


“I think a way to fix or reduce the problem is by giving more students time to work on assignments because they feel pressured”. 


I don’t really agree with James because of the fact that we shouldn’t be blaming our work load for the disrespect some people have for teachers or people in general. 


Once again, if I could give you any advice, just be kind to one another, it’ll help you in the long run of things!!