How to Set Up Goals


Luis Hernandez (9th), Reporter


Goals help people achieve what they desire. Most people have goals in life and 8% of them achieve it, while others are still working to obtain their goals. People also have objectives to help them on that journey, of achieving their goals.

Mrs .Bream, the College and Career teacher, taught us what a goal is, ̈They guide you to make decisions that are usually based on things you want to achieve.¨

Goals are a long-term objective. They help us with what paths to take along the way of our journey’s and it motivates us to push ourselves, also helping to determine our progress. There are 4 types of goals:lifetime goals, long term goals, short term goals, and stepping stone goals. Goals help you fuel your ambition and it sets off inspiration if you are in tough times.

To set up goals you need to be specific and they must be clear to you, when you set up a goal make sure you put an estimated time when you would want to accomplish it. Set objectives to get you to your goal, make sure you specify when you want to do these objectives.

Mrs. Bream gave some suggestions on how to set up your goals, ̈They can create charts to write goals and objectives within a set time so they are held accountable to accomplish them.¨ 

Goals can change your attitude towards yourself and other people. Goals drive people to go to above certain limits and motivate them to get better at certain things. Setting goals and achieving them signal your brain that what you’re doing is good and that you are being successful, you also build confidence and self-esteem. 

Mrs. Bream told us how goals help you, ̈A goal usually is a positive idea or a dream that you want to achieve and encourages a person to work there hardest to reach them.¨

Lifetime goals take anywhere from a year and so on. If your goal has a picture of you set around in the future than that is a lifetime goal.

Long term goals take anywhere from five to ten years. If you want to set up a goal then a long term goal is probably your best bet. 

Short term goals they may be 6 months to 10 months to a year. Short term goals are usually stepping stones to long term goals or lifetime goals

The last goal is the stepping stone goal. These goals allow you to reach bigger dreams.

It’s important to have different types of goals like spiritual, love, health, physical, or job goals. If you don’t have a balance of goals you can be overwhelmed with other things. 

Goals are very important for people these days, it fuels them to push themselves past their limits. Most people nowadays have goals and objectives they want to accomplish, some are still working towards it and others have already accomplished it!