Social Media

Makayla Fink (9th), Reporter

We are at the end of 2019, so I’m pretty sure a lot of people have some sort of social media platform they participate in. There is Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, and much more. These days everyone is on social media even schools are using social media to teach students. For example in my health class we use a site called Schooly where we do different assignments. Everyone in the class can see it and comment on it. 

That is a type of social media. Most people have social media to communicate with friends and see what trends are going around, but some people use it for the wrong reasons.  They use it to bully and be rude to people and that is not ok. People use Snapchat to talk to their friends and see what they’re doing. Facebook is more of the parent’s version of Instagram it’s where they  go to post embarrassing pictures of their kids. There are also dangers of using social media. One being bullying. Let’s see what some students think of this and how it affects us.

The first person interviewed was Lindsey Inghram, a freshman. The social media that Lindsey uses are Instagram,  Tic Tok, Snapchat, and Twitter. Lindsey thinks social media is useful because it is a way for you to express yourself and connect with friends. She said she uses social media because she can talk to her friends; “People should use social media as a platform to be themselves.” The dangers can be cyberbullying and online predators. Lindsey said she likes having and using social media.

Leilani Felix, a freshman from Turlock High was also interviewed. The social media Leilani has includes Snapchat, Instagram, and Tic Tok. She said she uses social media to stay connected with friends and family and to keep up with school events. Felix said, “It also helps us give and get positive feedback on things, but with positive there is always negative things. People can say quite cruel things that can tear a person down.” There also are people that stalk and harm others.  Although it is fun to have and use social media platforms, it is also extremely important to be cautious. Be conscientious in not only what you post, but also who you choose to follow and who follows you.