Sports Effects on Students

Sports Effects on Students

Luis Hernandez (9th) , reporterr

Sports require different body types for many different positions, a lineman should not be 5 ́5 and 100 pounds, they should be taller and heavier so they can block there opponent with ease. In Cross Country a preferred body type is a slim runner with muscular legs and has good breathing technique. Most sports need both tall and short people for specific jobs. Basketball requires both, small people for being the guards (Point Guard and Shooting Guard) and then Forwards (Small Forward and Power Forward) which should be taller than the guards. The Center should be the biggest and the strongest player on the court, so they can get rebounds and get easy points in the paint

Some of the major sports that require people with different abilities is football and basketball. Football needs people that can block linemen that are around 200 pounds so why not get a larger person to do it. Football needs people that can throw the ball and can run really fast. The quarterback can’t be 6 ́7 and weighs 200 pounds they need to be a smaller size, have a good throwing arm, and good field vision to make good plays. A running back or a wide receiver needs to be pretty fast and they have to improvise just in case they mess the play up.

People think sports have a negative effect on students, they think they lose focus on there education. Sports can have both positive and negative effects, like it can improve communication skills,help build character,teamwork/leadership skills, you grow a bond with you teammates, sometimes you make friends that you never thought you would. One negative effect sports can have is work overload on your schedule, it can cause  you to not have any free time like any free time with your friends. The biggest one is balancing school work with sports activities, students sometimes get kicked off the team for having terrible grades…

Alex Saavedra told us about the skills you obtain from playing sports, “They help build character skills, you grow a bond with your team.  You become friends with people you never thought you would be friends with outside of the sports environment.”

Ways you can balance these challenging factors is by doing your work before you have a game or practice. You can also make a schedule for your upcoming week and learn how to manage  time for yourself and most importantly to study.

Alex Saavedra gave his thoughts on this subject, ̈It limits the time you can do on your homework and you have to put more time on it.¨

Sports can’t be for everyone, some people prefer to stay inside and others are very passionate about sports and play every day. In order to play sports you should be on top of your school work and can get good grades so you can do what you love and not worry about getting kicked off the team!