Supporting Pitman High School

Adrienne Navarette (12th), reporter

Due to my current time typing this, we have exactly one week left until Harvest Bowl. I remember going to my first football game which was the Harvest Bowl of 2016. It was a blast! I met so many friends that night.The happiness and adrenaline everyone had all together was amazing. Coming to the end of this week (as harvest bowl tickets are being sold) I can feel a different type of attitude coming from students depicting the matter.

“There is no point in going to harvest bowl if we are just going to lose anyways ̈ 

̈ ̈ The football team this year at Pitman sucks ̈  

̈ ̈ The dress up days are so dumb and irrelevant ̈

̈ ̈ There is literally no point in dress code here at Pitman ̈ 

The quotes above are actual sentences I have heard from students here at Pitman, said out loud, for all ears to hear… Now to put on record, I do not support these quotes. These are merely just examples to explain my reasoning. Anyways, these quotes have been said very often around school and have been repeated multiple times.

I believe everyone is entitled to their opinion and is allowed to like or dislike what they want;but,at the same time I don’t think it is okay to say such hurtful things out loud that could hurt students around them. If you don’t like the dress up days or rallies, that is perfectly fine. I just believe you should keep it to yourself rather than bashing down other people’s fun or hard work on these events.

As for Harvest bowl, this subject has been controversial in a number of my classes, students keep stating “why we won’t win” and “why we’re bad” but why not just support our school? Why not support our pride family? For some of us, it’s our last year here (seniors mostly)so why not make it great! 

Due to the controversy of this article my interviewee would like best to be left anonymous. An eleventh grade female states,

¨ I am very anti-social. I always feel uncomfortable in large crowds so rallies and games are not always my thing. But personally I never put hate towards the rallies at all. I actually like the effort students and teachers put in. I find it kind of rude when students put down others or the school when they are just trying to make school fun.¨

Personally I am not into rallies or dressing up but I support people who do. I enjoy seeing people getting so involved with school. ASB, students,  teachers and other members at school work very hard to arrange these special events for us. And although I may not like participating, there is no point in spreading negative comments. I believe we should always be kind and supportive.

This topic does not specify on the rallies or Harvest Bowl but the school in general. For example, the basic rules of Pitman, The basic rules of your teachers in all of your classes. Being respectful and showing gratitude goes a long way at school. Even if you may not agree to the terms at this school, it’s better to listen and walk away with peace than try and fight back feeling left unsettled. Being kind goes a long way, so we should be spreading love around our school not hate! #Love Pitman!

To all of my PHS student readers, enjoy your years at Pitman! Make memories! Don’t waste time and end up missing out, as tiring and high school is, you only get one real experience, so savor it!