Teacher Spotlight: Mr.Santos


Sara Mendes (12th), Reporter

Mr. Santos is an amazing teacher and person, so I decided to get to know him a little bit better.


Question:  How long have you been teaching?

Answer: This is my 4th official year teaching, but my first year on campus I taught all year as a “long term sub” so unofficially five.


Question: How long have you been teaching seniors and why did you start teaching them?

Answer: I started teaching seniors last year, we had a change in staff and Mr. Acha asked at the end of the previous year if I would be willing to switch-it-up.


Question:  What made you want to teach two grade levels?

Answer: I was asked if I would be willing to teach both seniors and sophomores because there was a need, so I said yes because I like being a team player and I like mixing-it-up. 


Question:  If you had the chance to go teach at another school, would you?

Answer:  Nope, Pitman was the only school I wanted to teach at.  I feel like we are a family here. I have worked at a lot of different places, but this is the first place that has felt this awesome.


Question: Is history always the subject you wanted to teach? 

Answer: Yes, I’ve always found it interesting, plus I suck at math.


Question:  Have you always wanted to be a teacher? 

Answer: I did.  I originally went to school to be a teacher, I received my Bachelor’s degree in Social Sciences with a concentration in History, but after I got my degree I was  burnt out in school, so I moved to the Bay Area and started working. It wasn’t until 2012 that I decided to go back to school to get my credential.  


Question: Where did you go to college for your degree? 

Answer: I went to CSU Stanislaus for my Bachelor’s, and Brandman University for my credential.

Question: Do you enjoy being an ASB advisor? Why or why not?

Answer: I do, it is a lot of work, but I really like engaging and working with students in a non classroom setting.  


Question. What is the hardest part about being a teacher and why?

Answer:  The limited time we have to do everything.  There always seems like we have so much to do and never enough time to get it done.  The year goes by so fast, and I always feel like I am cutting something to make room for other things.  


Question: What is one of your favorite quotes that you live by? Why?

Answer: I think one of my favorite quotes of all time is, “ Never tell me the Odds” – Han Solo.  I like it because I don’t think people should limit themselves. With hard work and dedication, I firmly believe anyone can be successful, regardless of what others may say or think.  


I honestly thought it was great getting to know Mr. Santos and I’m glad that he’s a teacher here at Pitman and that he enjoys his job as a Government and World History teacher.