The Educational System


Tim Sanchez (12th), Reporter

The education system has changed over the past several decades. People claim that the existence of programs and curriculums adopted to enhance education has actually made the system decline rather than increase education. The staff at schools and institutions formulate their systems and try to bring education to students in a better light than before. 

Some students seem to admire the idea, leading to their attentiveness in class to learn whatever subject is being taught. While other students reject the lesson at hand and tend to create their own curriculums and become self-educated people. School is a place where teachers and staff think education completes itself there. Therefore, they try to force the lesson and teach it to their students who may not be receptive. 

The discoverer (the student) has to apply the lesson for  themselves and make sure they are comprehending what’s being put in front of them. The students need to educate themselves. The teacher can teach whatever is required, but if the student doesn’t retain the information then the lesson is not taught well enough. The teacher makes learning easier and quicker for the student but in order for the student to become well educated you must make them struggle with texts and books he doesn’t understand.

 School is a place where education is thought to complete itself, yet knowing there’s more to be taught. There are two types of teachers: present teachers and absent teachers. The present teachers are the ones who are teaching in the classroom who are instructing the students as to what they are to learn. 

The absent teachers are books, or any material that’s being taught by papers or any source of material that the discoverer has to teach himself. Being truly educated is a beneficial tool and a valuable resource. There is a saying that is generated towards education: knowledge is power. I agree with that quote, the more knowledge you have the more power you can grasp within yourself. 

The essence of power is essential as many people think it comes from what you rule over and control. Then there are others who think it results from the strength that you possess. It’s not about how strong you are, it’s about how smart. Use your mind to remain powerful and that dominates whatever type of muscles you have. The educational system is the same way, you have to be able to function correctly so you can have a proper education and go forth abundantly. 

Not everyone has the same mindset to work hard. Some people have potential and all that they need to carry on is guidance. Not everyone will accept education, but pretty soon it will enter their minds that they will need to learn a subject or something that will become interesting to them. 

In conclusion, education exists in everything that people do. Whatever you do in society you have to learn about it and have experience to be able to do something you’re interested in. Learn all you can so you can know what it means to be educated to the fullest.