The Opioid Crisis



Zach Barker (11th), Reporter

There is a very big crisis in this country, and it isn’t just happening now, it has been happening for years and every resolution people have proposed has not done much to help this problem. 

Opioids are drugs that mainly have the target of relieving pain. Many of these drugs are illegal street drugs being sold for high amounts of money, but some of these pain relievers are prescribed. Opioids can be used at an excess and be used more as a drug to make you happy or “high”. These drugs are very addictive and can ruin some people’s lives. 

If you use these drugs on a regular basis your tolerance will increase which will lead to you taking more and more drugs until you have too much. In the US 130 people die due to opioid overdose frequently. And in 2017 more than 47,000 Americans died due to opioid overdoses. This will keep happening over and over again if there isn’t much awareness or things helping with this very serious problem. Surprisingly in that same year with the 47,000+ deaths, 1.7 million people in America suffered from substance use disorders. Since 2001 it has cost the US 1 trillion dollars to try and help this situation.

Now this opioid crisis has affected many families and have left many lost. The solutions really have not worked for many of these families, those who are in pain don’t typically reach out for help or to get better. We should not give people in pain drugs that are addictive, because then it seems like all these drugs companies are just in the game making their drugs addictive to make money. We need more solutions for people in times of pain…

 In this time many advances in medicine and technologies have progressed but the problem will just continue to get worse as time goes. Businesses want to make money and the drugs become more addictive and no one seems to do anything about it. We need more solutions and actually care about the countless lives lost, and the terrible impact the system of drugs has had on our world. 

These drugs can be a lead to depression. They really target your brain and affect a great deal of everything you feel inside and out. Depression is a lead to suicide and this is currently the number one leading cause of death in the US as of 2019. So this really is a big deal, the country needs to spread more attention to this issue so that our future isn’t taken over by a society of people who are dying more and more because of these drugs. 

The President has done a few things to try and help with this crisis. He has tried putting an end to this crisis; he is finding the driving forces behind this time, he has used 6 billion dollars to use towards fighting opioid abuse, he has also made it so that within the next few years that the full of prescriptions will be cut by a third. 

Things like this are good ways to help beat this crisis. Everybody should help in someway even if it’s by simply reaching out to someone in need.