Too Early for the Christmas Spirit?

Too Early for the Christmas Spirit?

Adrienne Navarette (12th), reporter

Around this wonderful fall time, we get to enjoy the holidays, Thanksgiving and Christmas! Lately on social media, I have seen posts stating how people shouldn’t be celebrating or decorating for Christmas yet because Thanksgiving has not passed! And for other people, celebrating a holiday too early.. annoys them.

 In some situations it could just be for the laughs and fun, I know people who start decorating for Christmas at the early peaks of November, so why? They claim they are just excited that the holidays are coming around. For most people Christmas is their favorite holiday but it is a recurring argument every year. However when you are based on a certain perspective of being opposed to celebrating a holiday this early, you have to think of different reasons they are celebrating it. For example, this year my mom and I attended a Thanksgiving potluck at my aunt’s house. We celebrated Thanksgiving early because it was the only way everyone was able to make it. Personally, to me I do not think it matters, people should be free to celebrate whatever they want whenever. 

To some people here at Pitman such as, Alyssa Robinson, a senior here at Pitman states,

 ̈ Yes, I think it’s too early for Christmas because we haven’t celebrated Thanksgiving yet. I think it’s all up to the person. I don’t mind seeing everyone post things but me personally I wouldn’t want to celebrate until at least Thanksgiving.It doesn’t bother me that people are acknowledging Christmas now because maybe they celebrate now because a family member won’t be around later.If you don’t want to celebrate early its okay but don’t ruin someone else’s time when you don’t know the reason why they are doing it. ¨

I couldn’t agree with her more! If you do not feel the need to celebrate early, or hang up decorations yet, you simply do not have to, but do not make another person feel wrong about wanting to get into the Christmas spirit early. 

 As for Payton Hinojosa ,an eleventh grader at Pitman, she had quite the same interpretation on the subject.

 ̈ Yes I believe it is too early to celebrate Christmas because it is still the middle of November, I think it’s okay to start buying presents just not giving them out and stuff also no it does not bother me that people around are starting to celebrate it. Probably to me, I would tell others that they should stay out of it, it’s their life and they can celebrate Christmas if they want to, it’s not like they’re harming people.¨ 

 To wrap up this article, my final words on this topic is that overall, if you want to celebrate Christmas early you’re more than welcome too! Christmas lights and decorations, plus posts on social media are always entertaining to see! As this will be my last article until we come back from Thanksgiving break, I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving!