Amiya Keturi’s Time to Shine


Emily Ascencio (12th), Reporter

As we all know, Pitman has an amazing music department. They hold many events throughout the school year to showcase all the students who work hard to pursue their passions. 

Throughout the year they hold Pride Cafes, band reviews, winter concerts and so much more, but most students don’t know what happens behind the scenes. They don’t see all the rehearsals and hours of practice. 

Many of the students on campus have made some incredible accomplishments and gained some new experiences. This is all thanks to some of the opportunities that came their way, but some people don’t realize how much it costs to be able to reach new heights. 

Orchestra student Amiya Keturi was recently accepted to play at the prestigious Carnegie Hall in New York City. She is a very studious and persistent student who has always worked hard to pursue her passions. 

Keturi has been involved with music since the fifth grade. That’s eight years of her life that she has dedicated to music. She started off playing the piano but eventually moved onto play violin after she got the hang of it. After the violin, she started playing the bass. 

Throughout the years Keturi has reached huge milestones and accomplished so much. 

Keturi states, “Some of my biggest accomplishments were probably getting into the honors orchestra and as well as getting into MSYO (Modesto Symphony Orchestra) and now this festival at Carnegie Hall.” 

She has worked very hard to get where she is, but unfortunately, she doesn’t have the money to reach her next milestone. She would love to represent Pitman and play at Carnegie Hall if she had the money. 

She has to pay $5000 in order to take on this opportunity. This includes the cost of the trip and the instrument. She will be playing the double bass which is a very big instrument. It’s very expensive to rent one let alone buy one. 

She is currently doing everything she can to raise the money for this amazing opportunity that has come her way. She is raising money by selling meals and decorative Christmas signs that she made. She also started a Go Fund Me page to collect donations. If you would like to donate to her Go Fund Me you can click here

Go Fund Me user, Andrew Kahler wrote, “I believe this girl deserves to go experience something the average kid will never get to do. ‘Do for one that you wish you could do for many!’”

This remarkable young musician deserves this amazing opportunity. We should do everything we can to support her and our school’s musicians. She has worked so hard to get an opportunity like this. She deserves a chance under the spotlight.  


Link to Go Fund Me: