Being a Leader


Nayeli Vasquez-Valdizon (10th), Reporter


       Being a leader is really important because you’re the main influencer, people look up to you and respect you. Being a leader helps you gain leadership skills.You won’t instantly begin as a great leader, Instead it takes time and dedication to learn how to achieve the goals you set,and how to inspire others to follow you and do the same. 


  Leadership can be quite difficult. There’s a balance between creating your own strategy and listening to others ideas. Your ideas are always going to be listened to and respected, sometimes you have to give your peers a chance to share out their thoughts as they could be as great as yours. Giving a chance for your peers to share out their thoughts is very important as it will also create a relationship. Building a resilient mindset is often the missing link for leaders who don’t want to stop at being an effective leader, but rather be an exponential leader. 

Resilience is the key to dealing with leadership challenges effectively, and boosting leadership performance to thrive in your leadership position. 


 The ability to be flexible is perhaps one of the most important ways to good leadership. Not everything will go as planned and that’s okay, but somewhere in the line someone will throw an idea or solution. Competitors could change things, suppliers could run into their own issues or even natural disasters could stop the march of progress. A truly great leader is able to quickly adapt to these new situations and find a way around them, rather than give up and lose hope.  


Being able to communicate effectively is a fundamental skill for anyone who wants to succeed in business. But communication isn’t always about saying the right words, it also means that you are able to empathise with your people, and follow through on your promises you make in those inspiring speeches. Letting your strengths shine through and emanating your confidence in the way you communicate is one of the most powerful tools a leader can wield. 



 A good leader will often command with the attention of an entire room, sometimes without even speaking. This level of process isn’t easy to get.It’s a quality that needs to be earned through the respect of your peers,working hard and being honest along the journey.Presence is often the result of humility in a leader. Acting aloof or superior to employees is likely to cause dislike and disruption,resulting negative vibes. Instead, a good leader will take time to listen to their peers,talk on their level and gain trust. 


Finally we come to the end, responsibility. The ability to put your hand up and admit when you’ve done something wrong never comes easily. When there is blame to be accepted for a business error, the leader must accept it. But responsibility also means being able to reward and congratulate your peers, spreading accolades and appreciation where appropriate can go a long way. When a business owner is able to accept blame and pass on congratulations to those who truly deserve it a leader is born. Natalie Martinez states ‘’ A leader is an important person to look up to,as they make the right choices,They are also someone you can look up to and trust.’’