Being Organized

Hands searching through file folders with personal finance documents

Elena Elisseeva

Hands searching through file folders with personal finance documents

Nayeli Vasquez-Valdizon (10th), Reporter

    Being organized is very important for many reasons. For example it will save you time when finding things and you’ll have more time to complete important tasks. There is also a small chance of getting overly stressed,when the things you need are right in front of you. Being organized isn’t just keeping your objects in order, it’s also about keeping your schedule in order.


Organization can make you feel more professional, when you have things in order your day goes on so much easier as you know what’s next. An example of how you can keep your schedule in order is by taking notes and writing down the things your going to do, like the time,where,with who, etc. A way to keep your goals in mind is don’t procrastinate,the longer you wait the longer it will take for you to actually do it,it’ll ruin your whole schedule. It’s easier if you do it at the moment rather than wait. Organized people don’t waste time,They realize that keeping things organized is easier by staying productive


To stay organized you always need to find time each week to organize.Keeping your room clean can relieve a lot of stress,walking into a clean room feels great if you ask me.The more stuff means more of a mess,having fewer things also means that you enjoy those things more.Having fewer things makes it easier to organize your room.If you’re also looking to getting rid of stuff,a good idea would be to sell things instead of throwing them away,that way you wouldn’t be throwing necessary items away. ‘’For every minute spent organizing an hour is earned’’ by Benjamin Franklin. 


Staying organized is a great way to exercise your future skills,for example if your future job is at an office you wouldn’t want a messy desk as it would make you reputation look bad, organization always comes in hand. Being neat prepares you for the future. You wake up, do your morning routine, and get to work in time. It makes your day much easier following the steps of organization. Being neat can also make you work faster,no matter where your job is located organized is always the key to getting your work done faster.Organization can also have more control in your life,you’ll go on your day based on your “to do list.” 


Another smart tip of being organized is if for example you’re making a sandwich, putting everything away after you finish makes less of a mess and saves time.Things can pile up quickly,that’s why picking up your items without hesitating helps create less of a mess. Also always remember to be calm when putting things away,it has been scientifically proven you can have bad OCD if its to messy. 


Natalie Martinez states “Organization is good because it makes you look like a clean person,and it’s easier for you because everything is right in front of you.” Christina Hernandez has also stated “Being organized is good because you can find your main items such as shoes without having any issues.”