Do We Need Art in Our Lives?

Do We Need Art in Our Lives?

Makayla Fink (9th), Reporter

Art is something we all use everyday multiple times a day and there are many types of art.we use building pencils,our phone our clothes and much more. If we didn’t have art there would be nothing that’s used in daily life. If you think about it you can’t go a day without using something art related 


One person I interviewed was Lily Avalos,  a freshman. Lilly said that we do need art in our lives because it expands more than words do. “Some things we use are buildings posters, structures and so much more.” Art doesn’t have to be something that everyone understands.” said Lily. Some forms of art are dance,sculpture,and visual. 


The next person I interviewed was Annika Reich. Annika said we do need art because its a creative source to look to. She also said that some art that we use in real life are music, drawing, dancing, singing, and other performing art platforms. ̈We use art to express ourselves, understand, showcase talent, and grow as people ̈. 


The last person I interviewed was Monet Sayadian,  a freshman. Monet said we do need art in life because it helps people become creative and express themselves. It also can help other with sled problems or can be pleasing to look at. We use all sorts of art. Some help us with self problems.Performing arts can be used by actors,musicians, singers, dancers, and many more people  


In conclusion we need art in our lives to make it complete.we use it in our everyday lives and it is an essential tool.