Music is a Mood Shifter

Music is a Mood Shifter

Olivia Gonzalez (9th), Reporter

The way music affects your mood depends on what your preference is to music or what music you are currently listening to that you find moving! Here is why and how this happens:

  As generations come and go, so does music. Music of all kinds has been around for centuries and we enjoy its existence. From oldies to pop, from acoustic to electro swing. Can you really visualize the world without music? You can’t. And you are not alone on that. Music is like our food, it has a strong impact on our mind and body. Food with great nutritional value prevents us from having diseases and helps us improve our body, whilst junk food has a contrary effect. In this case, music is extremely beneficial to us, mood and behavior wise.

  The preference of music indicates the contrasts to reactions when listening to certain elements of the song. Even sad songs takes an effect on your mood, whether it results to you sobbing and staining your face and phone with tears or brings up a beaming smile on your face. The fact can remain certain, as I have asked the question about altering mood from music to a Freshman by the name of Jade Smiley. She has said that, “Some sad songs make me happy too.” 

  Music does a lot of wonders now that you think about it. Not only does music have an excessive amount of pros to your behavior, but it also is great for your physical and mental health! With a long session of music therapy, you could detect the differences in yourself. Pretty helpful, is it not?

  Music shifts the perspective that we have of the world and especially ourselves. It rises up a moment of nostalgia or revives an overpowering sense of motivation that you needed to get through another tedious day out of the week. The music near influences you as well and causes you to produce a positive mood!

  Just know that if you ever feel down in the dumps, want to blow of steam, or want to hear a good song to kill time, remember this and consider pressing that play button on Spotify or any other music app that you got!