Ok Boomer

Ok Boomer

Sara Mendes (12th), Reporter

“You kids are on your phones way too much, back in my day we didn’t even have phones.” OK BOOMER. Ah yes, the “ok boomer” trend. One of the most blown up trends of 2019. Some say it’s funny, but others say it’s disrespectful and ageist. I personally think it’s funny when you’re with your friends or if you’re joking around with parents, but that’s just me. 


Now, what is the “ok boomer” trend. It’s a catchphrase and a popular meme that came to the internet in 2019, but is seen as highly ageist and is used to dismiss or mock attitudes of the Baby Boomer era (1946-1964). Some people think it’s highly offensive to some, which I would understand, but others find it hysterical when joking with friends. I don’t use this with my parents because I think it’s disrespectful to them, but when I’m with my friends, I think it’s funny to crack the “ok boomer” joke. 


I feel like most of the young kids today, including myself, are using it to have a joke with their friends, but then there are some kids who actually use the phrase toward their parents. I don’t think it’s right to say it to your parents because you should always respect them no matter what. I mean, after all they did give you life and you should treat them how they treat you. 


I interviewed Frank Melo who’s a sophomore here at Pitman High and got his opinion on ok boomer. 


“I personally think the “ok boomer” trend is a funny meme/joke going around social media.  I think that it’s funny because it’s meant as a joke and not to be taken literally, but I don’t think you should say it to your parents or anyone that could get offended.  I know that this trend didn’t start that long ago and that it started on Tik Tok, a popular social media platform that came-to about a year ago or more”. 


I agree with Frank that it is a meme/ joke, but only should be used with friends and not parents.  


I also interviewed Sierra Smith who’s a senior here. I got her thoughts and opinions on the popular trend. 

“I think it’s funny because our generation relies on memes to make us feel happy and laugh. Since we do that it gives a comical relief to the many bad things that go on in society.  It depends on how you use it. If you were to use it in your group of friends for example, you guys would laugh about it, but if you were you to say it to your parents or anyone older than you, it becomes disrespectful. I know it’s meant for the generation of Baby Boomers. The expression itself comes from the era, so when a person who is older does something or says something like [a person] from that generation [it’s funny].”


Now remember people. Don’t use this saying with your parents or grandparents. Just keep it between you, Tik Tok and your friends.