Turlock Weather

Turlock Weather

Tim Sanchez (12th), Editor in Chief

All throughout December of 2019 the weather has shown its signs of winter. Some of the descriptions of the weather have been rain, fog, and a slight breeze. 

The weather is expected to turn right about this time of the year so it came as no surprise that the weather changed and people came to endure these noticeable conditions. The conditions on most days in December have changed at night. 

Rain and wind have occurred drastically overnight leaving many people who leave their house distraught as they see the weather change. 

Other than rain there have been winds that could be at a very frigid temperature if people don’t proper attire than can be used to keep them warm. The weather has even reached a point where it has flooded certain parts of Turlock and left huge puddles that travel from one place to another. 

The weather this month is a warning that you have the flu or other sicknesses that are difficult to prevent if you are not careful and protected.

December is known as one of the coldest months of the year. Around this time many people are quick to go to the doctor to get their flu shots and all sorts of medicine just in case of an illness. 

The weather could be confusing at a point. Why is it that in the morning it is cold and in the afternoon is warm and sunny. On some days it might be cold throughout the day and not see any signs of changing. The rain in Turlock has certainly been more than just a simple shower. The rain has turned lakes into oceans. 

For example Donnelly Park, the lake over there was over flooded. It was so bad that it flooded the entire skate park and almost reached the grass. Be aware of what might transcend as the month goes on.  

December is indeed a cold month so wear whatever you can feel can keep you warm  because you never know what might happen as far as the weather goes in this month. Maybe it might rain or snow. If you see the weather gets colder it would be best to stay in and be warm. Cover yourself and you might go through this condition without any worries of sickness or problems.