10 to 15 Year Plan


Makayla Fink (9th), Reporter

Most people don’t start a 15 year plan, but some people do. Even if most people do, some don’t always stick with it, which is not always a bad thing, sometimes your mind changes and you want to do something different. For example, when you were in sixth grade you wanted to be a doctor, but then when you are a Junior, you still want to be a doctor; but then you get to college you want to be something totally different.


The first person I interviewed was Tianna Karr, who is a freshman. She said “ Yes,having a 10 to 15 year plan is useful because it makes it easier to plan for the future and have a realistic goal.” Tianna says most people stick to their goal. “Yes,having a plan is useful because it makes it easier to plan for the future and know what for yourself.” Then Tianna told me her plan: First, sticking to sports and going to college for that. After, meet someone, get married, have 2 to 3 kids and train them for whatever sport they choose. She wants to be in a law firm and live in a 2 story house in Huntington Beach. She will have a Pig and a French Bulldog with blue eyes, as pets.


The next person I interviewed was Mr. Jeans, a Bio teacher here at Pitman. Mr. Jeans said he thinks most people think they have a plan, but when it comes to reality they have ̈no clue.”  He also said that he thinks most people that get trained or have a degree in a certain career have probably changed their career 2 to 3 times. He also said most people keep their other plans like wanting to be married and have kids. “Yes this absolutely helps. You will be able to know what you want to do and how to do it. It will not be stressful.” Mr. Jeans current 5 to 10 year plan is very simple. It is that in 15 years, if he is financially stable enough, he will consider retiring.


The last person I interviewed was Monet Sayadian, a freshmen. Monet said some people have an idea, but not a plan. She feels they may have an idea of their job, but not on things such as a house, or kids. She also said that most people don’t stick with their plan because as you grow older your interests change. “Yes it is useful because if you don’t have a plan you get confused, even if you do have a plan, you would know where you want to go in life.” said Monet. Monet’s 15 year plan is she will be 29 and hopefully be engaged or married with one kid and finishing college. Monet said she wants to go wherever life takes her. 


In conclusion most people don’t make their self a ten year plan. You don’t really know what your going to want to do in those years. Also they are very useful if you have one because it gives you an idea of what you want to do