Are Pc’s Becoming Outdated


Cole Draper (9th), Reporter

                PCs for a long time have been considered the pinnacle of gaming, far better than consoles. PCs have uncapped frame rates, have an easier time running bigger games, have VR capabilities. PC is still the biggest and best electronic to use for gaming. However, that may change very soon. Even now consoles are far more affordable to use because you won’t have to spend your time every so many years to buy a new one, they’re  far more durable than PCs. SONY launched their PSVR on PS4 all the way back in October 2016, and they have been making adjustments to it and improving its quality and capability.


 Now Microsoft and SONY are launching their new gen consoles that are supposedly supposed to run at uncapped frame rates and run at the same quality as a PC. If so, this may finally dethrone PC as the best gaming device out there. It would barley be able to survive due to its much cheaper rivals. If the new Xbox series X can run at the same rate as PC can people are going to want to buy that over a PC. The Xbox series X is cheaper, and far easier to maintain. It’s the same with SONY; buyers will have two far cheaper consoles to buy than PC.


By the end of 2020 consoles will be on par with PC if these new consoles are as they say they are. and PCs with be ever so slowly declining because of it. At the moment, PCs are still top dog as far as it comes to game performance, for now. But in the near future, it doesn’t seem all to likely it will stay that way, with the new releases of the PlayStation 5 and Xbox series X on the arrival. I went and asked some students at Pitman High school if they believed that PC was becoming outdated; here’s what they said.


Levy Camacho said, “I think PCs are becoming outdated because Microsoft said that the new Xbox is going to run as fast as a computer runs.”

Dennis Coats stated, “ Yeah I think PCs are becoming outdated because more and more people are buying consoles over PCs because they are less expensive.”

What do you think? Are PCs becoming outdated, or do you think they are here to stay?