Body Image and Why It Shouldn’t Matter


Sara Mendes (12th), Reporter

People nowadays think that body image is the number one thing to be concerned about, when it really shouldn’t be. I feel like now, in 2020, it’s becoming a huge thing to be this perfect hourglass shape and have nice curves because that’s what society thinks is the ideal woman. That’s completely wrong. 


Body image is something that has always been on people’s minds forever. To people, it’s one of the most important things to worry about because they have this idea that “if I have the perfect body, I must be perfect in general”. I can assure you that this isn’t true. A person can have the most perfect body, but they can have one of the worst personalities ever or vice versa. I think personality is way more important than the image of your body. 


I’ve struggled with body image since my high school years started. At the beginning of my freshman and sophomore year, all I cared about was the way I looked and if I was skinny enough or if my butt was big. It wasn’t healthy. Finally my Junior year, I started to love myself as a person and not just my body, but then I let someone tear me down. To have someone tear you down for the littlest things hurts and it makes you change your body and your mind. Finally, my senior year, I’m starting to love myself, once again as a person before my body. Never let someone tear your down. Just because someone doesn’t like you doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t like yourself. 


I decided to interview Frank Melo, a sophomore here, for his thoughts and opinions on body image. 

“I think people want someone with good looks or to look a certain way so they can “show them off” to friends”.


“I don’t think body image should matter. I think personality and other features other than their looks are more important for having a healthy relationship”.


“I definitely do not think that you should look at a person for their body image. People are much more than just a body, and personality is a big thing that makes them who they are.” 


I have to agree with Frank because of the fact that people are more than just a body. If  you’re only with someone because of their body, that’s just lust or when you’re only falling for someone’s appearance.


I definitely feel like the media is responsible for making body image a big concern. I feel like they’re having a big impact because there’s so much photoshop involved with Instagram pictures that it puts the wrong impression into our minds. For example, Kylie Jenner’s photos are photoshopped to make her butt look bigger and her waist look smaller. After seeing these photos we may say to ourselves, “I wish my body looked like that”, when we shouldn’t. I get that loving yourself is difficult, but when you finally learn to, it feels amazing!. 


Lastly, I think everyone this year should learn to love and appreciate themselves as a person before they start worrying about their bodies. And guys, look at a girl for who she truly is and not her body.