Staying Focused in School

Nayeli Vasquez-Valdizon (10th), Reporter


   Staying focused in school can be difficult for many students as they get distracted easily, either by their phones or other students. Many of us may also may have jobs or problems at home to worry about. If you are in any of these situations and you’re interested in knowing how to stay focused in school, this article is for you.  

  It’s important to stay focused in school because it’s good for your record for any future job appliances. If you’re also someone who is thinking of attending college, it’s important to stay focused in school to be able to achieve that goal. Besides, staying focused can help you understand the subject more and even make it easier for you. 

  You may be wondering how you could stay focused at school, well here are some steps on how to get started. A common problem people have is that they multitask doing that can distract you from what you’re really trying to achieve, a good way you can avoid that is to focus on one task at a time. 

You may have buddies in a class but your grade is also suffering, a smart suggestion is to avoid sitting by them, they could distract you. A very important step that almost everyone skips is eating a snack/breakfast before entering school, being hungry during school sucks as it will distract your a lot. Make sure you stay away from your phone, it could be a huge distraction. 

Being focused in a boring class could also be a challenge, as you don’t pay attention to anything. A smart move would be to take notes, taking notes could make time fly as it also helps for future studying. Another way to stay focused, is to make sure your always asking questions either to your partner or teacher, that way you’ll understand what’s going on. 

Coming prepared to class can help you stay focused, as you ready for the next step. Also make sure your comfortable at where your sitting. If your at a far spot where you can barely see, make sure you talk to your teacher that way you would feel much more comfortable, and it’ll help you focus much better. “Stay focused,go after your dreams and keep moving towards your goals.’’ – LL Cool J

Some students feel like chewing gum in class can help as it relaxes you and helps your brain to keep functioning. If chewing gum doesn’t help than eat (if you have permission) a snack or drink water to stay awake, eating a small snack could help. 

To also stay focused in class make sure you use the restroom before that way you won’t be holding it in. Some students may be nice enough to let you listen to music, for example I myself  work better listening to music, it helps me concentrate and work faster.” A fellow student anonymously opinionated.