Teacher Spotlight: Mrs. Hollister


Joshua Elwess (12th), Reporter


Mrs. Hollister is an AP Environmental Science and Biology teacher at John H. Pitman High School. I asked her a few questions about herself.


How did you become a teacher?

I was working as an environmental scientist and I felt like my job was to protect clients from getting in trouble for causing pollution and I wanted to do something that would make the world better. I thought carefully and thought that educating students would have that effect.


Where did you go to school?

I went to Modesto Junior College, University of Nevada at Reno, and graduated from Stan State. And I am currently in an environmental geology program at Mississippi State.


What made you want to teach AP Environmental Science?

I think it is a really important subject. The Central Valley has some of the worst air pollution in the US and is at risk for losing our groundwater supplies. And these problems impact our students, so I want to empower students through education so that they can make a difference.


What are your hobbies?

Hiking, Music, Yoga, Homework.


Any plans for Spring Break or the Summer?

I will travel to Utah with my family and the German exchange teacher from Turlock High’s German Exchange program and we will hike,explore and adventure for Spring Break.


What is the hardest part in teaching?

Trying to help students and giving them the tools they need, but watching students choose not to take these tools and do anything with them. Basically just watching students not put in any effort, not try, not reach their potential.