Self Improvements

Nayeli Vasquez-Valdizon (10th), Reporter

You may be at a low point in life right now, where you’re not comfortable with yourself. You may be thinking.This is where I need to make myself a better person or a better version of myself. If you do feel like this, I have typed this article with ways on how to start improving yourself. 


 Self improving starts by believing in yourself. Why you may ask? Well believing in yourself can help build up the confidence you need to be able to improve yourself. When someone believes in themselves anything is possible for them, even difficult improvements. 


For example, if you have a hard time believing in your future improvements it makes it hard for you to move on. Because you want to do it but you tell yourself you can’t.  Believing in yourself is a very important step when your looking forward into improvement. 


If you already believe and know that you can improve yourself but you’re stuck not knowing how to start, keep on reading. Always make sure you have lists, a list of improvements either if its for school, work, or yourself. A list can be used as a guide for when you list your improvements you have an idea of what you want to achieve first, and what continues after that and after that well you get the idea. When you first begin your improvement journey it’s always important to know what your doing. 


For example if your looking towards improving your grades at school, it’s important to stick to that one plan until you have achieved. Obviously if your good at keeping track of many things at once, then don’t be afraid to. 


Envisioning your future improvements is one of the best things you can try. The same way you vision a future with your fellow crush, exactly the same energy we want when visioning  our improvements. Well what does visions have to do with our improvements? You may ask. 


Envisioning your future can help you get an idea of how your improvements could look like. Envisioning makes your goals more realistic,its a method you can use to feel supported. 


 Improvements are things that come out of you when you have the desire to achieve something in your life. Many people always comment on how they want to start getting fit, or eat healthy, but they never really end up doing it. When you want to start making changes you have to stick to the plan, and this is where motivation comes in its place.


Like i mentioned before in the article, Visioning yourself doing a change can help motivate you a little. Christina a junior here in Pitman commented ́ ́I wake up in the mornings look at myself in the mirror and I tell myself everything is possible.´´ 


 I agree with Christina, to be able to improve yourself you need to start your day positive, knowing that everything you want to be able to improve is possible.