The Past Creates the Future

The Past Creates the Future

Olivia Gonzalez (9th), Reporter

As you may know, many strive to achieve success and that all takes time. The people mainly have their focus on either the present or the future. This is when numerous people forget about recalling the past. Though, the past surely does hold a lot more importance than what others assume, but what are those reasons as to why the past is very important to us?

The past has it’s pros and cons. The negative side of the past is that people wouldn’t be fond of pondering over their minor or major errors in life and the decisions they made. Despite the fact that no one is born flawless, it is still believed that the pain and regret from the past should be cast aside, but what they are forgetting is that the past could generate a positive effect. Reflecting on your past can make you a better person, this is the bright side about recalling the time before the present.

As Celesta Faythe, a freshman, had once stated during our interview, “The past has helped me with getting my morals straight and knowing the good from the bad.” This indicates that the past has become an instructor for her and has made her how she is now. Now that it’s been thought over, the past creates the future, don’t you think? Besides, not learning from the past causes history to repeat itself.

If you could imagine the past being forgotten, it’s difficult to think about. The time before the present is extremely valuable since there’s plenty that originated from the past such as music, recorded data, techniques, traditions, etc. To imagine that those things were put in the state of oblivion isn’t good.

When coming to the conclusion that mistakes are bound to be made in one’s lifetime ruins one’s view of the past, it shifts the person’s perspective on their former self and memories; however, if you could think back and remember all the grand memories of accomplishment, and as well as the less cheerful ones, you wouldn’t let the harsh past of things get to you. There is more goodness than just negative aspects of the past, and the past shouldn’t be forgotten.