What Has Trump Done For The Country?


Zach Barker (11th), Reporter

Lots and lots of people have their opinions on Trump. There are many negative and also many positives. As of any presidency, they’ll be disliked by a group of people and also liked by another. Everyone has their own set of beliefs on how they believe the country should be run. One thing no one can deny is the great things each president does for the country. We are all Americans and are allowed to have our own set of beliefs so you can disagree and agree with some of the things he does. 

Trump has our country first in mind he will do anything to ensure the safety of our country and do what he thinks is best for the American people. Trump has helped make the economy better and create more jobs for the citizens of our country. Over 4 million jobs have been created since he has come into office. There are also more Americans being employed right now than at any other time in history. The current unemployment rate has reached its lowest point in 49 years. The unemployment for African-American, Hispanic-American, Asian-American, and women have all reached all-time lows.The median household income is at its highest level ever recorded. Almost 4 million people have been lifted off of food stamps since the election. He has also brought major tax cuts to the American people. He and his administration have done so much for the U.S economy. 

In addition to helping our economy Trump has also made sure to help make the U.S. feel safe. With the impending construction of the new border wall, it will secure the southern border from illegal immigration. He began to improve the vetting and screening of refugees. He has also brought in $700 billion in military funding which will help ensure U.S. security. He withdrew from the one-sided Iran deal. 

Big subjects that have been in the mouths of the American people are the Iran conflict and the border wall Trump has been trying to get done. Many believed the Iran conflict would result in WW3. While this is not true Trump solved the conflict swiftly and maturely. Within a short period of time of the situation occurring he decided on what we would do to retaliate against them for attacking us. This event would make for us to take down the person believed responsible for attacking a U.S. embassy.
Every president has done things that are questionable or controversial because every person sees things differently. He has done some good things for the country and those things are undeniable. He can improve on some things, but that is the same for every human. We all make mistakes. We go through these things and learn from them. He is learning through the presidency and will keep growing as a person. In conclusion, Donald Trump has done many things for the country and does each and everything with the American people first in mind, and will keep doing that until his job is done.