What to Look Forward to In the New Year

Adrienne Navarette (12th), Editor

Hi guys! So much has happened since winter break was let out. As most of you know, the most current two issues baffling us at this moment would be the tension between Iran and the U.S, which people of the public are stating will result into the next world war and secondly, the Australian wildfires. I won’t get too much into these topics as they are still updating as we speak and I don’t want to include any information that is not accurate.

I got the inspiration for this article after being on social media and seeing how the public eye took the news. I saw through numerous posts and comments that people are scared, they fear what may happen and what is happening. I wanted to write this article to focus on the positives of the new year, to bring people a sense of positivity with all the chaos happening right now.

Graduation! Seniors this year will be leaving high school! Starting new adventures and meeting new people, we will begin to build our future after we graduate! As for those at PHS who are not seniors, you move up a grade! Maybe not in the same circumstances but with new people, new teachers and you never know who you will cross paths with. I always enjoyed moving up in grades because every year you get a different schedule and get more social with your peers.

More updates are coming to PHS. According to numerous staff, I have heard that the school will be putting up a food truck to balance out the amount of students in the cafeteria and side lunch lines.

Solar Moon eclipses are coming up this year. This might be random but I overly enjoy seeing the moon and stars, especially when the moon is abnormally large and bright.There are about five lunar eclipses coming up in the next two months, which is exciting, you may not be able to take good pictures of them (unless you have a real camera) but you can just enjoy it! You can watch from your window or sit outside, they really are beautiful, I recommend taking the time to experience it.

The first flying car will be airborne. This is set to take place sometime this year. The first prototype was finished last February. These vehicles will be tested in both Los Angeles and Dallas Texas to determine if they are suitable for the community.

A Senior here at Pitman named Carla Huizar, shared her thoughts..

¨I look forward to new opportunities in life,all that is happening in the world has not affected me yet, but it is depressing to hear and see, I love koalas and their burning! It’s sad to see how it is harming the people that live there too.¨

Many of the things I listed are probably random to most of you readers, but that’s the fun of it all. Even if the start of this year was rough for us, that doesn’t mean the rest is going to be bad too. I can’t exactly state the things that will be life changing to you in the new year, I suppose that is up to you. What I can say, is that being given another year of life is a blessing, and it gives you a big opportunity with time,take advantage of it! You get to make choices and see where they’ll get you, so I don’t know about you guys, but that is enough for me to look forward to. I hope this new year treats all of you right!