Age Gap Relationships

Age Gap Relationships

Sara Mendes (12th), Reporter

Age gap relationships are a typical thing in high school and in real life. But what becomes too big of an age gap? In my opinion, when the person is 3-4 years older or younger than the other person, that’s when it becomes unsafe and weird. I think the 1-2 year age gap is fine and safe. 


Now, before I get into this article, I just want to mention my boyfriend is 2 years younger than me and both our parents are fine with it. I have nothing against age gap relationships because you love who you love and you can’t change that. My sister’s fiance is 2 years older than her and my parents are 2 years apart. Everything between them has worked out okay and is proof that age gap relationships can work!


I got Sierra Smith’s opinion on age gap relationships. We share a lot of the same thoughts about them. 

“If it’s a big age gap, it’s weird especially if you’re a kid and not an adult. Now since in this generation, younger kids tend to have more in common with older kids.”

“I think personally a good age gap is 3-4 years older or younger. I think a bad age gap is a 25 year age difference.”


“I think that they are becoming a bigger thing now because old men want to spoil a younger female or as they’re typically called sugar babies and now these girls want to spoil and make money without doing the work for it.”


“Some positives are that you’re spending time with someone you love. The only opinions that should matter are you and your partners, not anyone else’s. Some negatives are that it can get weird depending on the age gap.”


I liked what Sierra had to say and I agree that they’re becoming a bigger thing because it’s true, girls typically want to be spoiled by a rich man because they have so many more wants and they date or talk to these older guys to get money and other things out of them. 


I also went to interview Frank Melo and got his opinion on the relationships. 

“I feel like a lot of the times they can work, but it also depends on how far the age gap is between them, but as long as it’s non abusive then they can make it work.”


“My girlfriend and I have a 2 year age gap, me being younger than her and we’ve been dating for over 5 months. I would say a 2 year gap between each other, but I would stop at someone who’s 4 years younger or older than me.”


“I wouldn’t call it a trend because it’s always been a thing that’s been talked about in society, so like I said it’s not trendy to date someone older or younger than yourself.” 


“Well it depends on how big the age gap is, but if your significant other has a car and you don’t, it makes it easier to plan things without your parents having to drive you everywhere. Some negatives are that if your significant other is out of school or has a job, it’s going to be harder because you guys aren’t always together.”


I liked what Frank had to say about the age gap and some of the positives and negatives.


If you’re in an age gap relationship, don’t let other people tell you negative stuff. If you’re happy and safe then that’s all that matters. Just be happy!!