Fear of Death

Fear of Death

Zach Barker (11th), Reporter

Every single person knows about and acknowledges death. It is a big part of life. This acknowledgment creates an ongoing fear by many people in this generation. So many are afraid of dying and what death will be like. Sure, it is a scary thing and you have every right to fear death. However, you shouldn’t live focusing on what is going to happen sometime in the unknown future. We should all just focus on what is happening now. 

This fear originates from our ancestors and elders that we have known or seen pass. We see these people go and it reminds us that someday that it will be us in their shoes. People are afraid that at some unknown point they are just going to be gone like that. However, it really isn’t as bad as you may view it. Many people may have just been sitting at some point thinking and death crosses their mind. 

Listening to this is sad and all, but we have a future. Most of us at this school are between the ages of 14-18 and we haven’t lived for long. Our lives are expected to live up to above 90’s. We have barely lived through one fifth of our lives and we are already fearing death. We have so much ahead of us. Focusing on this fear will just create a barrier or block from allowing you to do things you want to do. 

Someday you’ll look back on everything that has happened in your life and may have some regrets, but those who focus on the present will be able to live their life to the fullest. Take the focus of death and put the focus onto now and what you should be doing now to make your life worthwhile. 

We all live once; we can’t create these fears in our mind. It isn’t healthy nor is it productive. Often we can drift away into our thoughts. Just try and realize that we all have the power to change our fears into a drive. We can realize that someday we will die and that we only live this one life, but we can use this to push ourselves. Make goals and find things you want to achieve so it sets your focus on something other than death. Try focusing on pursuing a certain career, doing something you haven’t tried, or even something as simple as making a new friend. There are many ways we can use fear to our advantage to do better. 

These fears we have can often lead us down a road more negative than where any of us would want to be. This doesn’t just apply to the fear of death, but also many other fears. Everyone is afraid of something whether you think so or not. Karen Salmansohn once said, “Your mission: Be so busy loving your life that you have no time for hate, regret or fear.” This quote really sends a good and true message, showing that the more you lead yourself down a road of these negative thoughts and feelings, you won’t be loving life and experiencing things as much as you would want to. 

Another cheesy quote, “living life to the fullest” is something you should always have on your mind. Just do what you love and live every moment to the fullest because someday you will be gone. If you strive to live the life you want, you’ll never have to fear anything because you’ve already experienced everything you want.