Guide to Becoming a Meme Lord

Guide to Becoming a Meme Lord

Cole Draper (9th), Reporter

Have you ever wanted to become a meme lord? To follow in the way of the meme and learn the art of memeing, well you are in luck because this guide will show you the ins and outs of memeing. Step one – create a name. You want to have something catchy or hilarious so it draws people’s attention, maybe you want your name to be a reference to something, whatever name you choose you can always change it down the road if you really wanted to. Step two – your meme format or formats.


When you set up a meme you’re going to pick a meme format that will fit with the associated meme. A common format used is simply putting a picture and large large text on the top and bottom of it. I see a lot of people using this for Baby Yoda memes. Think of the caveman Spongebob meme. You put a text at the top and insert a caveman Spongebob somewhere in the picture that correlates with the meme you’re making. 


Also make sure your meme is relevant, people are not going to laugh if you use the piano cat meme because it’s outdated. Step three, you need to find a platform to upload your various memes on. A couple suggestions are Instagram,Ifunny,Twitter,Reddit. Those are just a few websites you can use to upload your memes on.


I decided that I should ask some students from Pitman High what they believed was the key to becoming a meme lord, here were the results. Our first one here is from Alex Favela. “I think the key is how relevant and funny you are, because you don’t want out of date memes and you absolutely HAVE to be funny.” This next one is from Ismael Garcia. “I think you have to make your own memes instead of copying someone else’s format because then what makes your memes any better than the other dude?”


Relevance, funniness, and original meme formats might just set you on the path to becoming a meme lord yourself.