How to Adjust to a New School


Madeline Iwasyk, Reporter


Having trouble talking to people while still getting to know your surroundings and classmates?

 There are so many ways to start conversations with people around you and ways to get to know them. You will not get anywhere in life if you are too shy or embarrassed to say something to anyone you don’t know. It can be as simple as “What are we doing?” even if you completely understand. It can be more based on a personal type of question like, “What’s your name again?” There are so many ways to introduce yourself but it’s all about the confidence level you have to go out of your way to do so. 

One thing you should never do is be mean to people on your first day and give everyone a chance to get to know who you are. Start by talking to anyone who sits next to you or near you, but you can’t let one bad attitude scare you into not wanting to talk to anyone else. 

You should also talk to your teachers; ask them what the class has been working on or how their grading system works. Get to know how your class works so that you don’t get left behind or you don’t slip up on work. Ask your table partner if you ever get confused or behind during classwork. It’ll break the awkward silence boundary and maybe start a friendship.

After interviewing a new student,Nathan Gonzalez  mentions, “The hardest adjustment is finding where everything is at.” Locating buildings and classrooms seems to be the hardest thing when attending a new school.  He had also stated, “My peers were helpful by showing me what to do and where stuff is so I feel comfortable.” If you come across a new student in your class, it definitely helps them if you casually talk to them or ask them for their schedule. 

It’s your first lunch at your new school and you don’t know where or who to hang out with; walk around and go see new things. You will come to the realization nobody will stare or look at you weird, just walk around and try to find all your classes. Honestly, it’ll help you in the long run by finding all your classes and knowing where some other teachers and classrooms are at.  

Looking confident is key, if you look like you know where you are going, nobody will question you. By your second or third day, you should have talked to some people and should have someone or a group to hang out with at lunch. If not you should ask someone if you could hang out with them at lunch. They won’t think it’s weird, and to be completely honest; if you ask confidently your classmate won’t think it’s awkward.  

One of the hardest parts of coming to a new school is keeping a positive mindset and working hard to stay on top of school work. Staying confident is so important to being successful in school and overall life. Surround yourself with people who have goals to be successful and with people who keep an optimistic mindset. Anyone can influence you and if you spend enough time with them. Encompassing yourself with good energy and people who want you to be fortunate.  

Being nice goes a long way when attending a new school. There should be no reason you would have to be mean or rude to anyone while still getting to know your classmates. You may think it’s attractive to be rude, or have mean comments, but you’re just hurting your fresh reputation. 

Overall, If you walk into your new school with an open mindset and surround yourself with a positive crowd you will be successful throughout your high school career. Putting effort into staying on top of classwork you can find that getting A’s and B’s is easy in the long run.