Pitman Represents at Campus Clash


Lucy Miranda, Contributing Reporter

Hundreds of teenagers gathered last night at The House Modesto to participate and support the yearly event named Campus Clash.  Students attending high school in Stanislaus County were able to register their school online to participate in the church’s event.

There are many events at Campus Clash that schools compete in and are scored on to judge their placement.  Some of the events include an eating contest, dunking contest, and strength contest.

Although only 15 students represented the Pride, they did manage to get 7th place out of 11 schools.

11th grader Sofia Garcia said that she was disappointed with the lack of students who showed-up to represent PHS, but she was happy with their final placement.  Next year she hopes to advertise more to spread the word and get more students involved – either as a participant or supporter.

There was a lack of information on this event, but let’s hope next year has a more promising turnout because it sounds like a fun event.

Great job to those who went from PHS!

Participants: Aundrea Vierra (quarterback), Maxwell Lee, Angelina Acosta, Brionna Bass, Akvar Toledo-Farias, Lyndzie Scott, Robert Salmon, and Kendra Delgado (MVP).

Supporters: Sofia Garcia, Mckenzie Calvird, Kerstin Grenner, Taylor Eckert, Jaeli Guerra, Noah Ruiz, and Marilynn Salazar.




Taylor Eckert and Sofia Garcia